white family girls weekend getaway

How lucky was I to get a weekend getaway to Seattle at the end of October AND a weekend getaway to Newport Beach at the beginning of November?! Pretty dang lucky, if you ask me. This is not a normal occurrence in our frugal-married-college-student household; however, Zach + I figure this is pretty much the last time we will be able to do things like this for a while since we will be graduating this upcoming August. So when my big sis (in-law) Emily threw out the idea of a sister/girls weekend trip with all us sis/sis-in-laws and our ma-in-law, the trip practically put itself together!

The location: Mariott's Newport Coast Villas in the beautiful/warm/sunny Newport Beach, CA

I mean, seriously?!? I could NOT believe this view when we first got to the resort. I sent Z the picture on the top when we got there and his response was, "That's obnoxious." Ha! Just the sky, sunshine, wide open ocean, palm trees and pools all together was one unreal combination.

The people: myself, awesome ma-in-law Bonnie, and lovely sis-in-laws Emily, Megan, Anna, Laurel and Myleka (as well as some VERY terrifying seagulls that got a little too close for comfort whilst we ate french fries on the beach)

I just love these ladies (and of course, the one lucky gentleman who joined us, sweet babe Asher) and feel so blessed to be a part of this family. The weekend was so fun + I loved getting to spend some girl time with these special women. 

The activities: sitting in the spa + swimming in the pool, laying out in the warm sun on the beach + at the pool, swimming (trying not to drown) in the ocean playing games, watching the Food Network + movies, eating lots of yummy things, shopping, relaxing, more beach-going and being silly. It was the BEST + so so fun.

It was really hard to leave that beautiful place and all the yummy food, but all good things come to an end. We decided it would be super awesome to go back there with our families one day. I will always cherish this weekend and can't wait for the next White girls annual weekend getaway! 

P.S. Here is from one of my favorite moments from the trip. On the last night, Anna, Emily + I were very hyper... Like crazy. We were giggling incessantly and somehow got Em to jump onto the bed like a flying squirrel (I don't even know)... Hahaha! It was hilarious and we giggled about the video + photos for a good 15 minutes after. Enjoy! (with sound!)


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