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the year in review: 2015

I want you to know this isn't the typical "end of the year" blog post. It's just a little collection of my thoughts of our year. This past year, Z + I:  Celebrated our anniversary of getting engaged (January)Went on our first of, hopefully, many Valentine's weekend getaway (February)Enjoyed many dates and a couple weddings (March)Celebrated the first anniversary of our wedding date/family birthday (April)Visited our family in Washington (May)Ran a half marathon together (June)Enjoyed our summer nights together and went to a few RSL games (July)Visited my family in California + went to Yosemite for the first time (August)Had (what we thought was) our last first day of school together and enjoyed the last of our outdoor dates (September)Enjoyed the family tradition of homemade donuts on Halloween (October)Had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with my family in the bay (November)And have loved our Christmas here in Provo (December) I wanted to recap our year, first, …

merry christmas!

Well... Yesterday. Does anyone really write blog posts ON Christmas, I mean like other than people that are actually payed to do so? Well, not me. I was too busy enjoying my family and being cozy inside because our Christmas was a White one through and through. Get it? White because I'm a White and white because it snowed 5 inches Christmas Eve night and even more Christmas morning? No? Oh... Well, I though it was funny. Here are the pictures I actually did take Christmas. 
 ^^My super awesome sis-in-law, Anna, made me this beautiful blanket because she had made another sis-in-law of mine one like it in green for her baby and I just mentioned once that I loved it and thought it was beautiful. THEN, a few months ago she sent me a picture of this beauty getting started!! WHAT! I was beside myself with excitement. She gifted it to me Christmas morning and, ask anyone, I was just a bit excited about it! It's perfect and I love it. Thanks Anna!!
 ^^ My o…

christmas eve 2015

This year, we have spent our holiday season in Utah with Zach's family. Although I have missed my Moser/Autentico family, I have loved spending this time with the White family and have felt right at home. One tradition that carries over from my family to Zach's family, is the Christmas Eve PJ tradition which I was very happy about. When we were in California for Thanksgiving, my grandma + grandpa gave us our set of Christmas PJ's as we would not be with them. It was very kind of my grandma to think of us although we would not be with them for the Holidays. I love that sweet grandma of mine!! Anyway, one tradition in the White home is to have a big, fancy Christmas Eve dinner.

Though I didn't get any pictures of the food, it. Was. Amazing. Prime rib, linguini with shrimp, balsamic green beans and mushrooms, a salad that became my all-time favorite salad, fluffy rolls, delicious homemade juice and then lava cakes for dessert. I mean, it was something I would pay good mo…

temple square

The Monday before Christmas, our group headed up to Salt Lake City to see the lights at Temple Square. It was a fun little trip up and back on the Frontrunner train, similar to the Bay Area's BART.

It was a fun little trip and I was happy to be able to stroll around the temple and see all the beautiful lights. We ate in the City Creek mall's food court at this super yummy sandwich place called Bocata. Zach ate there a lot when he was doing his internship at Zion's bank over the summer. I had heard so much about it that I was happy to finally see what all his raving was about! It was so worth the hype. Zach, Megan (Z's little sis) and I sat at this little 2 person table kinda away from the other table so we designated ourselves as the "kid table".

After eating, we made our way out to the beauty of the temple square. It was pretty busy as there were many people enjoying the lights. It was also very, very cold. At one point, it was like rain/sleeting and really…

winter break fun

Winter break is my favorite break ever. Always has been, probably always will be. There's just this wonderful feeling after finishing school and knowing we get to celebrate Christmas so soon. I've been loving the snow and not having to go anywhere + spending time with family. It's been so wonderful. So here's a little photo dump of our Christmas break fun!

viva las vegas

A while back, my dad was chatting with Zach about BYU football + if they would play in a bowl game, where it would be. My dad is a huge BYU fan and always happy to pay a bit of a pretty penny to go and watch them play. I remember one instance in particular being in high school when he took my younger brother, Matt, to the March Madness Sweet 16 tournament to watch the Cougars play. So of course when Z + dad were talking about if the bowl game was in Vegas, he began planning the trip we would all take down to cheer on our cougars. My dad and brother, Mason, flew in Friday evening and Z + I drove down Friday morning so we could have the day.

The first thing we did when we got to the city of sin? Shake Shack, baby. Shake. Shack. Ever since I heard about their brilliance + classy dressing of french fries with a cheese sauce, I knew I must partake in such goodness. I figured, "oh I will just have to wait until one day we take a trip to NYC" but nay. There was a location right the…

thanksgiving 2015

This Thanksgiving was spent with my family in the beautiful Bay Area! It was actually a lot colder than I expected but still beautiful. We had lots of fun during the much needed break from school.

We flew out on a Tuesday evening but the weekend before we left, we got to spend a few days up at Snowbird Ski + Summer resort where Zach's family has been going for years. I have loved going ever since my very first trip in October of 2013 when Zach invited me to go after I also went with the White family to Saint George for the Marathon (another tradition of theirs). That weekend was so exciting and fun but also very special to me because it was the first time Z told me he loved me! Very special. Here is my one photo from this past trip to Snowbird where we were very lazy + loved every minute of it!

When we got in Tuesday evening, we went out to eat and then went home. The next day was spent preparing for Thanksgiving which was at our house with many family members, so it was a busy da…