viva las vegas

A while back, my dad was chatting with Zach about BYU football + if they would play in a bowl game, where it would be. My dad is a huge BYU fan and always happy to pay a bit of a pretty penny to go and watch them play. I remember one instance in particular being in high school when he took my younger brother, Matt, to the March Madness Sweet 16 tournament to watch the Cougars play. So of course when Z + dad were talking about if the bowl game was in Vegas, he began planning the trip we would all take down to cheer on our cougars. My dad and brother, Mason, flew in Friday evening and Z + I drove down Friday morning so we could have the day.

The first thing we did when we got to the city of sin? Shake Shack, baby. Shake. Shack. Ever since I heard about their brilliance + classy dressing of french fries with a cheese sauce, I knew I must partake in such goodness. I figured, "oh I will just have to wait until one day we take a trip to NYC" but nay. There was a location right there, in Vegas on the strip. Zach, of course, was willing to indulge in my cheesy dream (pun intended) and so before we walked around at all, we went and got lunch.
Yuuum. Cheesy-fried delicious, goodness. I got a single ShackBurger (basic cheeseburger) and cheese fries while Z got a double SmokeShack (a cheeseburger with yummy peppers) and regular fries. It was all sooo yummy, especially the strawberry shake. So. Delicious. I will for sure be going back there again, whenever possible. 

We then walked around on the strip a bit before checking into our airbnb which was also so great. We were first time airbnbers and I will definitely be using it again because of how well it worked out. After picking up my dad and Mason, we went to Rocco's pizza and it was seriously, so amazing. The people were so kind and generous and we thought the pizza was 9/10 good. Like near perfection. To be a 10, we pretty much have to cry tears of joy. 

The next morning, I'm not sure how we were even hungry but we went to a local breakfast/lunch eatery called "Egg Works". Being game day, we were dressed in our all out "Y" gear as were many other restaurant goers. "Go Cougars!" were exchanged heartily. I ordered a very popular dish called "Stuffed French Toast" mostly because I thought I wanted something else but changed last minute because I tend to like to try the most popular dish when I try out new places. Here it is in all it's glory:
It may have given me pre-mature heart disease but yeah, worth it. Stuffed inside the fluffy french toast was eggs, cheese and sausage. I'm beginning to think this blog should just be a food review blog because that's the majority of my posts. Oh, well! After breakfast, though it was early we made our way to the stadium where traffic was already crazy. 

We stood as close to the field as possible and watched warm ups before going to our seats (nosebleeds, but the stadium was fairly small so not too bad). 
Here is our one good but squinty-eyed picture with the four of us. 
I do not wish to relive the game yesterday so if you saw it, then you know. And if you didn't, well... Probably for the best. I enjoyed spending time with my husband, dad + brother as well as cheering for the Cougars until the very last second. I am ALWAYS proud to be a BYU Cougar fan! We were so grateful for our little trip out to Las Vegas and for my dad for all that he did for us. Thanks, dad + GO COUGARS!


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