anniversary getaway

Last month, Z + I got to celebrate our one year anniversary! YAY! It was such a great day and a great time to reflect on our first year of marriage. We went to sacrament meeting with my parents and brother then left after the first hour. Then we went home and ate some of our wedding cake, which was still moist and incredibly delicious.
We were really tired from all the wedding shenanigans and clean up from the night before but still so happy ^^
We then left on our road trip up to Ashland. You guys. Anniversary celebration/getaways are the greatest ever. We could not wait to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary together + our overnight stay in the most amazing bed and breakfast totally lived up to our expectations.

We stayed in the Winchester Inn bed + breakfast in Ashland, Oregon. When we decided to go a bit more fancy than just stay in a hotel for a night and while I was looking up places online came across this place. On Yelp they had the most incredible reviews and we decided to go with it. When we got there, the lady at the front desk was SO nice and they even upgraded us to the Garden suite for our anniversary and left us these yummy strawberries!

 The room was so beautiful with a gorgeous window seat with a view of the garden that I could've admired for hours. The room was so nice and cozy. Here are some pics of our room:
 Beautiful isn't it?! The service was excellent, the rooms clean and cozy + we had a wonderful stay. 
 Okay now for the biggest seller for us. The breakfast. Oh my heavens. Although this place was a little splurge for us, the breakfast included itself made it over 150% worth it. That's how good it was! The restaurant that is a part of the hotel is called "Alchemy" and it's the highest rated restaurant in Ashland! So we were pretty excited about it. The first course was a muffin and fruit plate. The banana muffin was so fresh and yummy!  After that, you choose your entree. We had read amazing reviews about their spin on Eggs Benedict (a White family favorite that I was introduced to almost 2 years ago and will NEVER go back) and we were really hoping they would have it as an option. As luck would have it, their spin on Eggs Benedict was on the menu. So, we both ended up getting that and WHOA. It was so so so so so good. SO GOOD! We absolutely loooooooved our breakfast there making our stay the best possible anniversary getaway ever.


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