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lunch with grandma tippetts

Today we went to lunch with (Zach's) Grandma Tippetts + it was lovely.
I just love Grandma Tippetts. She is so sweet and loving + on top of that I feel like we can chat with her for hours (which we kinda did today)! When we asked her out to lunch she was so excited and offered up a really awesome coupon! I was so happy she was excited because I was really excited to ask her to join us. Lunch was suuuper yummy (like homemade chicken pot pie yummy) and our company was even better. I hope we make this a monthly thing because who knows how much longer Z + I will be living so close! It was a perfect lunch + bright spot to our rainy day.

two years ago (yesterday)

Two years ago (last month), I was a Y-group leader with my good friend Courtney at BYU's Freshman New Student Orientation. We showed up on the first day of training, signed our names on one of, seriously like, 40 lists and then walked into the Varsity theater in the Wilkinson Student Center. We sat down and not much later, a handsome guy walked down the aisle saying,"Group Green 14? Is anyone Green 14?" Courtney and I were indeed wearing green 14 bracelets from that one of like a million lines we wrote our names on. We told him we were and he came and sat down next to us. From the moment he sat down next to me, I got butterflies that after 1.5 years of marriage have never gone away. We introduced ourselves and got to chatting. His name was Zach, he was from Provo and had recently returned home from a mission for our church. I was instantly smitten with this man, which was not something that happened easily for me.

After a weekend of hanging out with a super cool group o…