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cafe 300

Tonight Zach and I had our weekly date night! Man, do I love date nights. It's always so fun going out with my love and eating yummy food together, especially if that means no cooking then cleaning up! My favorite part of the day (other than bedtime) is when I get a chance to see my man after our long days at school/work and talk about our days. It was good to do that with Z tonight on our date.

A couple weeks ago, when Zach's brother Chris was in town, the family went out to eat brunch at an old fashioned diner-style restaurant: Cafe 300. Z & I got breakfast meals while some of the others got lunch. Our verdict on our breakfast meals? YUM. Yum yum yum! The french toast was uhhhhmazing and my omelette was super fresh! Those who got lunch were also please with their choices, but if there was one thing we all couldn't get enough of were the onion rings. Best. Ever. Seriously, THE best I have ever had in my life! We loved 'em!

So tonight, we decided to go back to Caf…

it's okay to be baby hungry

Okay so now that I've intrigued you with a title that you may be assuming will lead to a post all about how I'm a run-of-the-mill Mormon girl who's only been married for 10 months but totally baby crazy (takes a deep breath), I have to apologize because that's not what's gonna happen.

The phenomenon of "baby hunger" is one commonly associated with newlyweds, particularly among the Mormon culture. If a recently married young woman expresses even so much as a hint of an interest in babies she automatically falls into the stigma of being "baby hungry". However, when a woman is married a socially acceptable amount of time or was married at an older age she is expected to start having babies ASAP. There are a couple of different reasons I've been thinking about this so much lately and felt like I wanted to say something about it.

First, I mean hello... I live in Provo, Utah! Last year, reportedly 26% of BYU daytime students were married. That'…

Valentine's weekend getaway

The past couple of days, me and my Valentine have been taking advantage of the extra long holiday weekend and were on a little getaway. Our neighbors back home in California own a vacation home in Lava Hot Springs and have been so kind as to offer me to go stay since I came out to BYU. Until this past weekend, I had yet to take them up on their offer but, boy, am I glad I did. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about what I could do for Zach this holiday weekend. We decided not to give gifts to each other so I got to thinking about a little getaway and immediately thought of the Spencer's! Of course, they were kind and graciously offered us their home to stay for the weekend. I was so excited! I wanted to keep it a surprise but couldn't keep it in and the weeks leading up to our getaway were charged with excitement!

Our weekend started Friday after Zach and I both finished classes. We headed up to Salt Lake to visit with some of our family for a while before driving the rest of t…

a hard day and a sweet husband

Yesterday, I had a rough day. I was incredibly emotional and, yes, PMSing like no other (TMI?). I struggle with my self worth and loving myself on what feels like a daily basis. That's not something I like to publicize, but I do. Although it is not to an unhealthy point, I struggle with body image and learning I am worthy to be loved. I am not quite sure where this stems from, as I have been raised in the most incredible family who taught me to love and be loved, but I guess I, like many other people, find it hard to feel like I am beautiful or good enough. But I don't want to delve too much into the negative because this post is about strength.

I work everyday at learning to love myself, learning how to let others love me and many, many other things. Yesterday was just not happenin' for me. I cried and prayed and cried some more. Zach held me as I cried when I needed to be held and he listened to me when I needed him to just sit and listen. I am grateful for Zach and our …

my missionary brother

My younger brother, Matt, is serving a 2 year mission in Argentina for our church and will have hit his 1 year-in-the-field mark this upcoming Thursday on February 12th. I have friends that will be returning home from their missions within the next few months and I truly cannot believe time has flown that fast, yet with my own brother I feel like it's been a decade! I miss him so much and wish I could just hang out with him right this very instant, but what he is doing now in his life is the very best thing he could possibly be doing. What a valiant example of love, service and missionary work he is to me! Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have one day out of their week, usually Mondays but for Matt it is Saturday, set aside especially for preparing for the week to come. Preparation day, A.K.A P-Day, is usually a busy day filled with grocery shopping, laundry, writing home and fun activities. I love Saturday's because I know I will get a letter …