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happy anniversary, my love

Zachary Monroe White,

Happy anniversary, my love! We did it... One year of being married to you + it truly has been the most wonderful year of my life. It has been a year of love, happiness, fun, learning, and so much more. Everyday I come to love you more + still get those nervous, excited butterflies that I did when we first met.

When I met you, I was instantly smitten. You were fresh back from your mission, handsome, funny and so sweet. All through NSO I just wanted to sit by you and talk to you and get to know you better. Luckily, we hung out after the last day of new students orientation (when I seriously was devastated and never thought I would see you again) at the soccer game then played cards. And thank goodness you asked me on a date for a few days later to watch Star Wars for my first time.

I can't even believe how quickly I fell for you. Zachary, I love you. I look up to you and I'm so grateful for your influence on my life. You make me want to be my very best sel…

home: for a wedding

It was so, so fun being home with my family for a week before my cousin, Eric, got married. We got to spend time together and just chill. It was a great down week just after finals!
Because our wedding was on Saturday April 26th, 2014, our Anniversary was on a Sunday this year. Eric got married on Saturday April 25th, 2015 which was the same DAY (not date) Zach and I were sealed last year. Being able to go to the Oakland temple the same day we were sealed the year previous and attend a beautiful wedding for family was the most incredible experience. It was fun getting all gussied up to go to the temple and be with family.  Here's Zach and I in front of the temple after the sealing. It was a beautiful day. Love this sweet mama of mine!  The Moser/White family! Love these people so much.

road trip

Though it has been almost a whole month since I last blogged, I am happy to say that I am back! My laptop was having some major issues during finals week and completely shut down when we left for our road trip so I was unable to blog for three weeks! Though it isn't too long of a time period for me to not post on this here blog, a lot happened that I would've loved to post. So, here comes a couple different blog posts covering my short hiatus starting with... THE ROAD TRIP!

Monday morning on the 20th of April I had a biomechanics final at 7:00 A.M. (yeah, it was terrible + hard but I GOT A B *cries tears of happiness*) and thought I would be done around 10:00 A.M because our professor suggested leaving that block open just in case it took us that long. So, we were up bright and early; Zach did some last minute errands and I took my test which only took me an hour! WHAT! So we were on the road an hour or so earlier than planned after changing our oil!

Thus began the 11.5 hour (…


You know, the duration of the semester I totally dread finals. It's almost like imminent death. Obviously a bit dramatic, but it's debatably one of the most unpleasant time of the school year. I hate the idea of the "final judgement" type feel that final exams have. For some classes, the finals don't add up to too much of the final grade but for others... A poor grade on the final = a poor grade in the class. It's just so stressful! And I hate stress.

But when finals actually do roll around and the last day of classes arrives, it's kind of nice knowing that the end of the semester is near. I love having the freedom to take the 2 reading days (a.k.a. no school, likely not much reading days) and study or not study. I also enjoy having, essentially, a free day where I can take my finals when I want. Then there are those scheduled finals (I have TWO this semester scheduled at 7:00 a.m... like why?!) that suck but then after a few days you're all done!

I a…

the (almost) Stone family

My older cousin, Eric, is getting married in a little less than 2 weeks and I could not be more excited for him + his sweet bride to be, Danika. Not to exploit my dear older cousin on the worldwide web but this will not be the first time Eric has gotten married. WHAT! I know, right. Well, Eric + I have actually been married to each other more than once (incest?). When we were kids, our older cousin Brynn would dress us up and play "house" with us in which we were usually a married couple. 
Eric has been like an older brother to me since I can remember. We have lived barely a mile away from each other all growing up, went to the same elementary, middle + high school, he has encouraged me to not be shy, pinched me with his toes, attacked me etc. etc. I grew up being very close with my cousins and love them very much! 
Well, today I got to shoot some pictures for Eric + Danika. It felt amazing being behind the lens again doing what I love to do! I have missed using my beautifu…

small victories

Every Friday morning, Zach has class at 8 a.m. EIGHT IN THE MORNING. I know what you're thinking... "Uhhhh... 8 o'clock in the morning isn't that early." or "HELLO McKenzie, you got up before the hour of 6 o'clock for 4 years in high school for early morning seminary; you can suck it up."

Heck, I even have an 8 a.m. class on Tuesdays + Thursdays but for some reason when Friday morning rolls around, 8 a.m. is just too early. Maybe it's because on Friday's my first class is at 11 or because I had been getting up at 7 every other day of the week but I just really like my Friday morning sleep-in.

Today, Zach got up for class, got ready then left. I remained in bed for a few minutes willing myself to go back to sleep. However, I couldn't fall back asleep. The alarm went off, I woke up when Zach did which meant that my chances of actually falling back asleep were slim. So... I hopped out of bed, threw on some exercise clothes + running shoes …

a happy list: 1

Tonight, I found myself browsing Instagram looking at lots of cute + hip pictures from super cute/hip bloggers. One of the blogs I came across had consistent posts titled "a happy list" followed by a colon ":" and a number. I can't remember what number she was at but the idea was that she would list things (+ post pictures) of things that made her happy. Mine will be a bit different in nature but I loved the idea, hence my happy list: 1!

Zach and I have been a couple of Netflix junkies lately. A few weeks ago I found out how to hook our BluRay player up to the wifi box so we can now watch it on our T.V. This has been an incredibly beautiful yet detrimental occurrence in the White home. I have been watching the series "Once Upon A Time" since the show started with a couple of set backs (college dorms + no cable means falling behind on shows) but am all caught up as of last season. Thanks! Anyways, between "Friends" and Z deciding to …

we can do hard things!

This beautiful Friday morning has been a great one as I have re-learned a very valuable lesson. As the sweetest baby boy next door is sleep training with our bedroom wall sharing his, Zach + I have taken the opportunity to do something we've wanted to for a while. Have a SLEEPOVER! In my opinion, living room sleepovers are good for the soul. Yesterday, was rough for the both of us. It was the longest Thursday ever but we ended it in great spirits with a date night. Here is Zach being the gentleman that he is and ordering in the COLD (whatEVER Utah! It's springtime now!) as I sat in the warm car. Love that man. The Greek-n-Go truck has become a usual for us with amazing gyros, fresh french fries AND the most delicious fry sauce too.
Anyways, we went home and watched Netflix while we rested our brain-dead heads. Zach worked on homework while I searched the internet to no avail to find a cute dress for my cousins wedding. Target has failed me! Any suggestions for cute, not a mill…