road trip

Though it has been almost a whole month since I last blogged, I am happy to say that I am back! My laptop was having some major issues during finals week and completely shut down when we left for our road trip so I was unable to blog for three weeks! Though it isn't too long of a time period for me to not post on this here blog, a lot happened that I would've loved to post. So, here comes a couple different blog posts covering my short hiatus starting with... THE ROAD TRIP!

Monday morning on the 20th of April I had a biomechanics final at 7:00 A.M. (yeah, it was terrible + hard but I GOT A B *cries tears of happiness*) and thought I would be done around 10:00 A.M because our professor suggested leaving that block open just in case it took us that long. So, we were up bright and early; Zach did some last minute errands and I took my test which only took me an hour! WHAT! So we were on the road an hour or so earlier than planned after changing our oil!

Thus began the 11.5 hour (depending on how fast you drive) drive through Nevada. For those of you who have made this trek, you know how boring it can be! Unless, you're with Zach. The first time we drove this length together was after Z came to meet my family and visit me Christmas of 2013. We drove back with my super good friend, Abbey, after break ended. The next time we drove was from Utah to California for our wedding! Things are just more fun with Zach. Look how cool he is!

 Other than that handsome face, there was a whoooole 'lotta this. ^^ But then, we hit the Sierra Nevada's. There was this really cool mountain rain storm and the rain drops were ginormous! I could only take pictures through the car window so they don't really do the scenery justice but still pretty.
 We were about an hour away from Brentwood when the sun was setting. It was a gorgeous sight with the palm trees and a pink sky. It was a gorgeous welcome back home + I am so grateful for the time we got to spend with my family!


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