small victories

Every Friday morning, Zach has class at 8 a.m. EIGHT IN THE MORNING. I know what you're thinking... "Uhhhh... 8 o'clock in the morning isn't that early." or "HELLO McKenzie, you got up before the hour of 6 o'clock for 4 years in high school for early morning seminary; you can suck it up."

Heck, I even have an 8 a.m. class on Tuesdays + Thursdays but for some reason when Friday morning rolls around, 8 a.m. is just too early. Maybe it's because on Friday's my first class is at 11 or because I had been getting up at 7 every other day of the week but I just really like my Friday morning sleep-in.

Today, Zach got up for class, got ready then left. I remained in bed for a few minutes willing myself to go back to sleep. However, I couldn't fall back asleep. The alarm went off, I woke up when Zach did which meant that my chances of actually falling back asleep were slim. So... I hopped out of bed, threw on some exercise clothes + running shoes and by 8 (yes, 8) o'clock I was out the door.

YOU GUYS. This is TWO weeks in a row now that I have gotten up before 8 a.m. on a FRIDAY to go running. This is a big deal for me! Just a few weeks ago I was really struggling with my self-esteem (body image) + major lack of motivation to work-out. I have mentioned before here on the blog how hard it can be for me to stay consistent with my eating/exercise habits and how it often seems like a roller coaster for me. Well, 2 weeks in a row is a great start to becoming consistent once again.

Here is to 2 weeks of consistent Friday morning running, here's to Friday + here's to the weekend!


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