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a trip to a punkin' patch

Today, Z + I met up with some of our very good friends to make a little double date goodness happen. We went to a darling little pumpkin patch in west Orem and strolled around picking our pumpkins and tossing husks of corn through wooden boards with holes cut out. It was a great time + we love the pumpkins we picked. I love getting to hang out with the Rumsey's for many reasons and obvious reasons, too. Some of those reasons include: Jenna is one of my best friends, and she is also pregnant and really cute (she was also cute when she was not pregnant), Corbin + Zach have been friends since they were in jr./high school and are so fun together (they laugh non-stop), they always show us good places to eat and great films (Troll 2, make your life better +check it out), etc. etc. We are lucky to have friends like them.

 ^ okay, seriously?! How cute is this bump?!
 ^ Zach + Corb as gourds   ^ I asked Z if he wanted a photo with these giant pumpkins and as he sat down he said, "Prob…

oh, this time of the year

The change from September to October is one of the most significant changes of the year. It's when summer really changes into fall, when people put a pumpkin or two on their porch, when the leaves color change is in full swing and when Mr. White + myself are reminded of the time which we fell in love, 2 years ago now. 
It was the month we told each other "I love you" + the month our relationship changed for the best, just like the leaves on the trees. Ah, how I LOVE fall! I have a feeling this fall will be extra wonderful. Especially with the White family tradition of homemade donuts on Halloween + watching Halloween movies, too. I can't wait.
Bring on the cooler weather, sweaters, boots, scarves, hot chocolate, pumpkins and candy! We love you, fall!
A recent event was that we got some sweet pictures taken of us by one of our favorite photographers ever, Madi Larsen, and here students. She is THE best. We love her + that she is willing to share her talents check out …