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Emerson's First Birthday

This is over a month late! And I'm even really happily surprised I am finding a minute to do it today, ha. I guess that' mom life for ya.

Anyway, our pride and joy turned ONE last month!! Emerson Lyn White is the sweetest and cutest little lady. We love her so much. She loved eating her cake and spending time with the ones she loves!! It was such a fun day but I also got a little choked up sometimes.

It's funny, before I had my own child I would hear different perspectives from parents on their children growing up. Some couldn't wait to get out of the "baby stage" and some cried over their baby growing up... I was a little of both. I am obviously thrilled she is growing up to be so fun and cute! Watching her learn things and start walking more gives my hard days meaning and light. But it's also sad to see just how fast it all goes. "Don't blink!" they say. Well, "they" are right. Don't blink, because it goes so. Dang. Fast.