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summer on my mind

Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, lovetaza, I found this super cute suit for only $13! Thank you, Old Navy! It was originally $20 for the suit but there was a deal going where the suit came down to $13 then $20 EVEN all together with shipping! I got it in the mail today (isn't it just the best getting something in the mail?!) and was so excited to try it on. My verdict: super cheap, way cute AND actually flattering! I love love love when a suit is flattering as well as being cute! SCORE.
I'm super excited to wear my suite as much as possible this summer! After this winter semester ends (TWO WEEKS!), I have a little over of a month before summer terms starts. That time will be filled with: a road trip to 1. California for my cousins wedding + our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary 2. Seattle to visit Zach's sister and her family for a fun little vacation, Zach starts his much anticipated internship with Zion's bank in SLC, I get to take another vacation to stay with Z +…

11 months

Yesterday was Zach + my 11 months of being married! WHAAAAT. Crazy, I know. Sometimes I'm sitting in our little place looking around at what we've built in our short almost-a-year of marriage and I get all these butterflies! Those same butterflies I did when I met + started dating, those same butterflies I get every time I think of or see or kiss my Zachary. It's quite a wonderful feeling.

Last night for our usual Thursday date night, we went to one of the yummiest places thus making it one of our favorites: Art City Trolley. YUM YUM YUM! It's this little restaurant on Main street in Springville, Utah. It's got this cool, old trolley car attached to it and it has the best steak+gorgonzola quesadilla you will ever have in your life! That's what Z has gotten every time (without fail, I might add. He doesn't even consider anything else!) we have eaten there.

On behalf of 11 months of marriage to my best friend, here are 11 reasons why Zach is the greatest man …

have courage + be kind

This past weekend Zach and I drove down to Vegas to meet up with my parents, younger brother Mason and (surprise!) my grandparents! It was so great to get to spend time with some of my most favorite people that I often miss having so close to me. Although my first trip to Vegas taught me that the parts that we visited + stayed were pretty icky, I also was able to be with family and learn a valuable lesson.  My family are huge movie-goers and Zach + I are always more than happy to go out to the theatre with them because we almost never do. We are RedBox people, but we do love going to the actual movie theatre. Over the weekend we saw Cinderella! I wasn't expecting much going in but loved it! One thing I especially loved was that even though it was a remake of a great film, there were no curve balls or unexpected turns. When remaking a classic movie such as Cinderella, I think it is smart to stick to the story line which is exactly what happened. The famous quote that Cinderella'…

chicken tikka masala

Before I met Zach, I had never tried Indian food. How dull my life was before him, for more reasons than one. But, MAN, Indian food is some of the most flavorful, vibrant food I have ever had! The first time I tried Indian food was at the local hot spot Bombay House (which is a favorite of ours) and it was on the night Zachary and I got engaged, over a year ago now. You can read more about that spectacular night here!

Basically, Z + I are major lovers of Indian cuisine and enjoy the chance to go out + eat when we get the chance. Zach has been wanting to make some of our own Chicken Tikka Masala for quite some time now and tonight we found time to do it! It was such a fun date night cooking and enjoying this meal together! If you are looking for a pretty easy, SUPER yummy Chicken Tikka Masala recipe... This one is for you! We referred to one of our favorite cookbooks, Favorite Family Recipes, that Zach's mom uses often and we have come to love. Here is their website and the recipe

cheesecake factory date

Aren't wedding gift cards just the best? Thanks to my Morris family down in Houston, TX we were given a gift card to one of my faaaaavorite restaurants: The Cheesecake Factory! Yuuuum, I just love it there. Good food, amazing dessert, but unfortunately some pretty pricey prices. Luckily on top of the gift card from the Morris', my sweet parents sent us a little care package/card in the mail a few weeks back that happened to include some awesome gift cards one of which was the cheesecake factory! Yes! So obviously, this was a sign for us to go take a little trip to the nearest Cheesecake factory. Look how happy with his first piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake! ^^
Since Zach had never been (I KNOW, RIGHT? Poor guy), we decided that we wanted to go soon but had no deadline or specific date in mind. Today we got home from school and Zach paused before getting out of the car, looked at me and said, "Let's go to the Cheesecake factory for dinner." We then debated …