chicken tikka masala

Before I met Zach, I had never tried Indian food. How dull my life was before him, for more reasons than one. But, MAN, Indian food is some of the most flavorful, vibrant food I have ever had! The first time I tried Indian food was at the local hot spot Bombay House (which is a favorite of ours) and it was on the night Zachary and I got engaged, over a year ago now. You can read more about that spectacular night here!

Basically, Z + I are major lovers of Indian cuisine and enjoy the chance to go out + eat when we get the chance. Zach has been wanting to make some of our own Chicken Tikka Masala for quite some time now and tonight we found time to do it! It was such a fun date night cooking and enjoying this meal together! If you are looking for a pretty easy, SUPER yummy Chicken Tikka Masala recipe... This one is for you! We referred to one of our favorite cookbooks, Favorite Family Recipes, that Zach's mom uses often and we have come to love. Here is their website and the recipe! We looooved it!

Not that Zach is hard to please with food but he really, really loved this stuff. He had two helpings and then ate some straight out of the tupperware before it made it into the fridge. Ha! I also really enjoyed this stuff and it made it all the more delicious knowing that WE made it! It was fun cooking together and then chatting over our accomplishment. Date night at home success!


  1. If you wanted to know why Indian food is so good, I thought this was interesting:


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