11 months

Yesterday was Zach + my 11 months of being married! WHAAAAT. Crazy, I know. Sometimes I'm sitting in our little place looking around at what we've built in our short almost-a-year of marriage and I get all these butterflies! Those same butterflies I did when I met + started dating, those same butterflies I get every time I think of or see or kiss my Zachary. It's quite a wonderful feeling.

Last night for our usual Thursday date night, we went to one of the yummiest places thus making it one of our favorites: Art City Trolley. YUM YUM YUM! It's this little restaurant on Main street in Springville, Utah. It's got this cool, old trolley car attached to it and it has the best steak+gorgonzola quesadilla you will ever have in your life! That's what Z has gotten every time (without fail, I might add. He doesn't even consider anything else!) we have eaten there.

On behalf of 11 months of marriage to my best friend, here are 11 reasons why Zach is the greatest man I have ever known:

  1. He is hilarious. He's always making me laugh, especially when I'm least likely to do it. It amazes me that he has that ability because I'd like to think I can stay grumpy as long as I'd like but... Not with Zach around.
  2. Homeboy can eat! With his thin frame you would never guess that Zach actually has a rather large (ginormous) appetite and can put it away like nobody's business. It's rather impressive to me that he can do it!
  3. He is patient. He is always willing to wait for me, to hear me out and to work with me. I cannot express how grateful I am for that.
  4. He listens. You know when you have good intentions but things go wrong or don't happen the way you would like? Well for me when that happens, I just want to talk about it/cry about it. Zach always listens. Whether or not we agree, he lets me know my voice is heard.
  5. He works hard. Zach is an incredibly hard worker; he is a student also working on research and has a job. He works hard for our family and his work ethic is sexy!
  6. He's so smart! Zach works hard in school which is incredibly important but it's not just that. Zach is the smartest person I know. He can help me with any of my homework needs (of course Stats is his specialty) and so much more. 
  7. He shares many of the same loves/interests I do. The Big Al from Swig, Netflix, homemade popcorn, Chicken Tikka Masala, reading, Eggs Benedict, sports, snuggling, the Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station, road trips and so much more. It's fun being together when you love who you're with and what you're doing!
  8. He can be serious but he can also be really silly! Zach balances seriousness and silliness extremely well. We have so much fun when we're silly. I especially love when we get on those silly-highs and can't stop laughing! 
  9. He is a dedicated servant of The Lord. Zach served a 2 year mission to Paraguay before we met and continues to serve The Lord every day. I am grateful for a husband who inspires me to be a better person and who dedicates his life to serving The Lord, me + his family and others. 
  10. He's athletic! Zach played all kinds of sports growing up and has stuck with running. It's great because I love to play all sports + so does he! We can play sports together and have the best time.
  11. He is my safe place. Zach is my best friend, my sweetheart, my everything. With him, I can fully be myself. He loves me and I know he would do anything for me, as I would him.


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