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happy thanksgiving!

Today is the day of gratitude, family and lots of food/gravy. Both my heart and stomach are full.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   
-Love, The White's  (& our first {of many to come} married Thanksgiving!)

pre-thanksgiving thoughts

As it is the eve of Thanksgiving of 2014, I can't help but reminisce on where I was this time last year. I was in the beautiful and sunny San Diego with my family enjoying time together and feeling especially grateful for them and my serious boyfriend (now husband) back in Provo.
Us pictured below right before he dropped me off at the SLC airport for Thanksgiving:
I love Thanksgiving because, obviously, the food is incredible but more importantly, it not only gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we are grateful for but is a holiday that is meant for exactly that!

My favorite thing to do is go around and say what you are grateful for. When my family does that, it often turns into a testimony meeting of sorts where we express our gratitude for many things, including each other and the gospel. I love feeling the special spirit when I spend time with my family.

This is my first year not being home in California for Thanksgiving and it is a little weird. Not bad weird, just diff…

kindness is the essence of greatness

The summer of 2012 was my very first semester (actually term) here at the beautiful Brigham Young University. I was so very excited to be here and all my expectations were exceeded. Living on my own? Sometimes a little homesick, but great. Having roommates? Sometimes a little crazy, but great. Cooking for myself? Sometimes really really rough, but still great. The boys? Great, great, great. It was such a wonderful first experience at BYU and I will always love that first summer. My ward was incredible! The bishopric was stellar and you could feel their love for you as an individual. The members of this ward were all just incredible. One of those members was Madeline. We first met at a movie party thing that my soon-to-be FHE brothers put on. Two of the guys putting it on wanted to run to the creamery to grab some snacks and asked Madie and I if we wanted to go so we did! I didn't get to know her too well on that little walk but I did get to hear her melodious, contagious laugh an…


Snow. I have such an interesting love/hate relationship with snow. The first snowfall is so beautiful and peaceful and I love watching it fall (from indoors, not really outdoors). It makes me so excited for the Holidays and I really like being inside with family, hot chocolate and Christmas decorations. However, once I get back from Christmas break and it's just bleak and cold, then the snow gets all dirty and sloshy.. I start to really hate it. That is when I am completely ready for springtime.

But for now, I will love the snow and enjoy every minute of not despising it. Here is a (somewhat edited) picture of the very first snowfall here in Provo. It did not stick for long, but it was beautiful.

Because it has been getting colder I have been making a lot more stovetop popcorn. And it has been yuuuummy! Normally when I make popcorn, Zach is there to share it with me but Friday he was taking/preparing for a test until the evening so I decided to make some and only eat half while I …

ensign peak, ikea and buttermilk syrup

This past weekend was a busier one for us. Friday evening I went up with some friends to SLC for a bachelorette party for my good friend Emily. I am so excited for her to get married, as married life is truly the best! We went to Litza's Pizza which was so yummy and stayed the night in a hotel. It was so fun to have a girls night with such fun ladies!
The whole gang A mini two topping pizza with garlic butter sauce (YUM), sausage and tomato!  We were reeeaaally excited about the diet coke pitcher our lovely waitress left with us..
The next morning Zach drove out to SLC to pick me up and then we got to spend some time with my cousin Sammy and her awesome family. We had lunch at one of Zach's favorites, Crown Burger, then went and hiked Ensign Peak. It was an easy hike and a gorgeous view, plus being with some of the best people didn't hurt. Here are some pics from the hike: The view was BEAUTIFUL!   Selfies are always necessary on an adventure such as this  Mike and Leo re…

grateful switchup

Although I am grateful for many different things everyday, I have decided to alter my grateful project a little bit. Instead of 25 days of grateful (I don't want to overwhelm either of you two devoted followers of mine or my blogging capacities) I will post when I feel appropriate about things I am grateful for and every time I post, the post will include at least one thing I am grateful for. Fair? I think so.

Today I am grateful for good friends, easy recipes and Target. Ever since Zach and I got married, I feel as though I have struggled a little bit in the friend department. Zach has lots of friends and would meet with them on a regular basis and it always seemed a lot harder to keep up with my friends and our busy work schedules. Since this Fall semester has started up, Zach and I spend a lot more time with our friends together which has been a blast. Just last night we had some friends over for dinner and we just laughed a lot of the time! It was so great and, I am sure, adde…

grateful day #3

Today, I am especially grateful for babies. I am maybe a little baby hungry.. But at the same time I am absolutely loving this time I have with my husband with just the two of us. I really love it. Babies are just so cute and little and sweet and angelic and make the cutest little sounds. I just love 'em.
Here are some of my favorite babies:
Sweet little Imi!  And, of course, our little SiBud.

grateful day #2

Today I am grateful for Daylight savings "fall back" because I loved getting that extra hour of sleep and being able to snuggle in bed with my sweet husband extra long this morning as it rained. I love the rain. I am also grateful for my awesome Relief Society sisters and how amazing they were throughout my lesson on Pornography, fast sundays and great friends.

Here is a highlight of the talk that my lesson was on. Enjoy!

day # 1 of being grateful

Everyday of November until Thanksgiving, I want to mention or quickly post something I am grateful for everyday. I love doing things like this because it is good to be reminded everyday to "count your many blessings".

Today, I am grateful for my family. I want to start out with one of the greatest blessings in the book. My Moser family who birthed me, raised me, fed me, disciplined (when necessary) me, taught me how to have fun and be a good person, who laughed with me, cried with me and listened to me cry. I am grateful for my parents who have always been my best of friends and taught me what parents do and who they are. For my brothers whom I have always loved over-protectively and who taught me lots (only with the help of our mom) about what being a mother is. For my Moser and Autentico grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins whom I owe much of who I am.

My White family who took me in as their own even when Zach and I had first started dating. Who have fed me soooo many …

happy halloween

This has become one of my favorite Holidays and seasons for multiple reasons. One reason is because Zach and I started to become mores serious in the month of October last year and I loved those butterflies that came when started to get more serious. Butterflies I still get daily. Another reason I LOVE Halloween is because of the wonderful traditions the family has. A.K.A. HOMEMADE DONUTS. I know, right? I drool just thinking about them/looking at pictures. It's bad, yet so so good.

So, Thurdsay night Zach and I went over to Zach's parent's house for pumpkin carving! We actually only ended up carving one pumpkin and painted the rest. They all looked so great! I painted the "W" pumpkin, Bonnie painted the Dia de los Muertos pumpkin, Megan painted the "boo!" pumpkin and Zach (sort of, Megan cleaned it up) painted the candy corn pumpkin! Don't they look awesome??

I was soooo excited to see how awesome all the pumpkins looked outside on the porch! I di…