pre-thanksgiving thoughts

As it is the eve of Thanksgiving of 2014, I can't help but reminisce on where I was this time last year. I was in the beautiful and sunny San Diego with my family enjoying time together and feeling especially grateful for them and my serious boyfriend (now husband) back in Provo.
Us pictured below right before he dropped me off at the SLC airport for Thanksgiving:
I love Thanksgiving because, obviously, the food is incredible but more importantly, it not only gives us the opportunity to reflect on what we are grateful for but is a holiday that is meant for exactly that!

My favorite thing to do is go around and say what you are grateful for. When my family does that, it often turns into a testimony meeting of sorts where we express our gratitude for many things, including each other and the gospel. I love feeling the special spirit when I spend time with my family.

This is my first year not being home in California for Thanksgiving and it is a little weird. Not bad weird, just different. I absolutely adore my White side of the family. I seriously could not be more blessed with the family I married into. They have treated me like family from the very beginning and I love them eternally. It will just be strange to not chow down on turkey with my little brother Mason or laugh with my cousin Jessica. It will be strange to not watch some football with my dad, grandpa and uncles. It will be strange to not help out in the kitchen a little with my mom, grandma and aunts. The thing is... I am not sad. I will miss my family, but I will be with my family too. How truly grateful I am for all the incredible family I am blessed with.

Don't forget to tell your loved ones that they are just that... Loved. Call your family! Kiss your husband or mom or dad or sibling! Whoever you spend your holiday with, make sure you express your appreciation. Help out in the kitchen! Write a list of what you are grateful for! Eat good food, have a great day and try to remember what this holiday is all about.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A few things I am grateful for:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints // My family // My sweet, hilarious and kind best friend of a husband // Friends // Freedom and America // Missionaries (I love Elder Moser!) // Temples // The Book of Mormon // General Conference // FaceTime // My (somewhat neglected) Nikon D3000 // Blankets // Hot Chocolate // Means of Travel // The ability to walk and run // My roommates returning home from their Missions // Pajamas // My sweet nieces and nephews // The Mormon Tabernacle Choir //


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