ensign peak, ikea and buttermilk syrup

This past weekend was a busier one for us. Friday evening I went up with some friends to SLC for a bachelorette party for my good friend Emily. I am so excited for her to get married, as married life is truly the best! We went to Litza's Pizza which was so yummy and stayed the night in a hotel. It was so fun to have a girls night with such fun ladies!
The whole gang
A mini two topping pizza with garlic butter sauce (YUM), sausage and tomato!
 We were reeeaaally excited about the diet coke pitcher our lovely waitress left with us..

The next morning Zach drove out to SLC to pick me up and then we got to spend some time with my cousin Sammy and her awesome family. We had lunch at one of Zach's favorites, Crown Burger, then went and hiked Ensign Peak. It was an easy hike and a gorgeous view, plus being with some of the best people didn't hurt. Here are some pics from the hike:
The view was BEAUTIFUL! 
 Selfies are always necessary on an adventure such as this
 Mike and Leo reading the monument
 Sammy, Noble and Claire checking out the "nature" view
 Mmmhmm, my man my MAN.
After the hike, we went back to Sam and Mike's for some homemade (and delicious) Butterfinger milkshakes. I love watching Zach play with kids because he is so good with them. He is always genuinely interested in what they have to say (which is SO dang cute) and plays with them like they are his own. 
On our way home from the great SLC, we had to stop at IKEA. I have just been itching to head back there since we got married and have moved into our own place. Ikea is so fun and never seems to disappoint. I love walking around with Zach and asking each other questions like,"This kitchen or this one?" as we stand in between the aisle of 6 different types of kitchens.
"Honey, there's an Asian family in our bathroom..."

Although we can't afford to buy every-little-thing we see, we were able to buy a couple of decor items I liked (Zach also likes them, but I picked them out and he sweetly let me get them). We got a cute clock, a pot and fake flower plant, & some organizational decor items! After IKEA, Zach and I went to GAP because I haven't spent my birthday gift card from my parents (with is 5 months overdue) OR back to school shopping. What can I say? I may love GAP, but I hate shopping. It was good to be together but it was a little bit like torture to have to take off my clothes to try other clothes on just to have to put my original clothes back on. Talk about hassle. After being gone day, we rented "Edge of Tomorrow", popped popcorn and sipped on yummy hot chocolate.
To make a good weekend even better, I made some homemade buttermilk syrup and pancakes for a late Sunday breakfast. What could possible be better than later church so we can sleep in, make yummy breakfast and stay in our PJ's while we spend some time working on things together?? Not much. So we did just that. Here is a pic of the yumminess for you to salivate over:
And now we are watching Cupcake Wars while I blog and Zach does homework before we Skype my family, write my missionaries and take on another week of school. 
I'm so grateful for this time I have with my Zachary to go on all day adventures but still be able to come home and just be together. It's the (White's.. haha) life.


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