happy halloween

This has become one of my favorite Holidays and seasons for multiple reasons. One reason is because Zach and I started to become mores serious in the month of October last year and I loved those butterflies that came when started to get more serious. Butterflies I still get daily. Another reason I LOVE Halloween is because of the wonderful traditions the family has. A.K.A. HOMEMADE DONUTS. I know, right? I drool just thinking about them/looking at pictures. It's bad, yet so so good.

So, Thurdsay night Zach and I went over to Zach's parent's house for pumpkin carving! We actually only ended up carving one pumpkin and painted the rest. They all looked so great! I painted the "W" pumpkin, Bonnie painted the Dia de los Muertos pumpkin, Megan painted the "boo!" pumpkin and Zach (sort of, Megan cleaned it up) painted the candy corn pumpkin! Don't they look awesome??

I was soooo excited to see how awesome all the pumpkins looked outside on the porch! I didn't get a picture of the carved pumpkin with a light inside but it looked awesome as well. Last year in October and around the time of Halloween, Zach and I had started to become more serious in our relationship so it is a cherished time for us. Especially, because the White's tradition is to make homemade donuts and offer those they know trick-or-treating at the door to come in and have a donut. 1. They are divine. I mean, melt-in-your-mouth-uhhhhmazing, warm, soft, delicious kindof divine. 2. It was so fun to learn how to make the donuts last night! I felt like I was learning a bunch of good donut related secrets and getting a glimpse into how amazing Zach's mom is to do this and share goodness to others! I loved spending time with Bonnie and a few of her wonderful sisters in the kitchen, laughing and chatting. They are wonderful and I love them!  Here is a pic, don't salivate too much.

(pic of us in the kitchen courtesy of Phlaurel)

After we hung out at Bonnie & Monroe's for a good long while, we went out with some of our good friends!

Jacob & Megan and Corbin & Jenna all came over to partake in the goodness of the homemade donuts then we headed over to the free party/event on Center street in front of (one of our favorite restaurants) Guru's. We figured since it was free to get in, it was a dance party, and there would be coupons for free stuff we would check it out. It was fun for a little but we decided to head over to Corbin's house to watch the best movie of all time. Troll 2.

I can't say anything about it because I have no words. It was incredible. We had the best time and I am so glad that we were able to go on such another fun date but that it could be with such fun friends that we love so much! Until next year, October. We will miss you but look forward to seeing you again next year.


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