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a new day, a new year

Being New Years Eve, I am feeling very motivated to write out my new years resolutions and then stick with them no matter what. Of course, this is something that tends to happen year after year. The end of the year nears, I think up things I need to be better at in the next year, I struggle with them throughout the whole year and then ultimately have no resolutions left that went exactly as I wanted. Last year, I didn't even have resolutions! I had just given up because it never worked in the past.

This year, I am motivated. So motivated, in fact, that I will be writing a "Resolution Update" journal entry once every month. I think this will really help me in being held accountable for the goals I set for myself and I am pretty excited about it. Although I will not be posting each of my resolutions here on the blog, I will be posting a few of them. So, without further adieu, I present...
McKenzie White's New Years Resolutions for the Year of 2015!!! Exercise at least 4 …

christmas break goodness

Two words. Christmas. Break.

We have been here, in the bay, for a little over a week and it has been practically perfect. I have loved every minute of family time, snuggling with my husband, eating yummy food, reading Harry Potter for the first time (I know, I know. Super behind the times but I finished Sorcerer's Stone on Christmas Eve and am currently on chapter 2 of Chamber) and so many other great things. With so much going on, I have not really had time to update the blog but I really just have loved not worrying about anything but being here and now with my family.

Last Saturday, we got in around 10 a.m. and my dad picked us up from the airport. We stopped at home for a bit then we were off shortly after we arrived to head to my grandma Moser's for a little Christmas gathering. My grandma Moser lives in a little town right by the Nevada border called Portola, CA. It's population is 1,957 people (I did look that up) and I always loved visiting when I was little to the…

counting down.

I love countdowns. Especially when it's right around finals and right before Christmas. Currently, I have a countdown for a few different events which include...
2 finals left3 days until Zach and I have our own little Christmas- just the two of us4 days until we fly home (my home) for our #CaliforniaChristmas and get to be out there partying it up with my family for two whole weeks!10 days until Christmas! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I tend to resort to using countdowns when my stress levels rise (finals) and all I can (finals) think about is (finals) upcoming tasks to overcome like, hm I don't know maybe, finals. I, like every other sane college student, intensely dislike finals. And I mean, I like when it's not too crazy and stressful preparing for a bunch of tests but usually it is solely studying for and preparing for a bunch of tests which is so not fun.
I am very excited for when my finals are over, but for now I can't think about that too much or I will loose all sense of…

some life happenings

Since Thanksgiving, we have had 2 weeks before the dreaded reality that is finals week is upon us. We are currently in our second week and I could not be more terrified. I just get so so stressed when it comes to final exams because I feel like it's a judgement day kind of thing that doesn't always capture exactly how hard I have worked or what I have actually learned and yeah just stress. Lots of stress. However, I have some awesome people in my life and things that are keeping me less stressed and more sane. Here are a few of those people/things.

Zach. & Swig. Zach and I have a (somewhat unhealthy) love for Swig that is unlike any other. We LOVE it. Those white Styrofoam cups and purple straws create a warm fuzzy feeling in my gut and I just love it. It's really pretty bad for you to drink lots of soda, I know, but it's just so close to our house and too yummy! We like getting a "Big Al" which is a Diet Coke soda base with coconut and lime in it. We try…

happy thanksgiving! pt.2

Although a tad bit overdue, here are some pictures from our lovely Thanksgiving break I failed to add to my pt.1 Thanksgiving blog post. It was so awesome being up in the beautiful Little Cottonwood Canyon at Snowbird, the place where Zach first told me he loved me. So, obviously Snowbird has lots of meaning to us both and it is always so great getting to go back and get all those same butterflies from the first time I was invited to go when we were dating!

Seriously, so beautiful up there..
There was lots of loves for our nieces and nephews (Simon and I totally flirting/snuggling/making googley (?) eyes at eachother)
Of course, selfies are necessary for nearly every occasion especially on our way to the pool
Thanks to Zach's sister Emily, we got some nice non-selfie photos (Thanks Emily!)
It was so fun being with almost the entire White side of the family. We had so much fun together but also really missed our Justin/Anna White family! There were lots of snacks, games and movies.…