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my last first day

I can't even believe that I can title this post "my last first day". What the whaaaat?! I'm feeling quite a few different feelings about it, ranging from nostalgic to ecstatic. I really just can't even believe that this day is here! In fact, this day has come AND gone already. I'm taking only major classes this semester which isn't all too surprising since it's my last semester of classes; I wasn't expecting, though, to have 4 out of 6 of my classes in the same exact classroom with all four of those classes on M/W. Soooo basically I sat in the same exact seat for 4 hours straight today + probably will Wednesday too, but it's all good because it's the home stretch! I can do it!

This semester I get to take my high school teaching practicum, advocacy for p.e., motor learning, exercise physiology, outdoor activities (!!! I'm super excited to take this; some things we will learn are hiking, geocaching + dutch oven cooking), adolescent deve…

the city by the bay

This is kind of a pre-qual to our Yosemite post since we actually went into the city a few days before we went to Yosemite. And both of the posts should probably be prefaced with the statement: we decided on a whim to take a road trip out to California (the bay, my hometown) after Zach finished his internship and I finished school. Back to the matter at hand; one of our days out there we met up with Zach's brother + sis-in-law on the glorious BART and went into the city. It was great to hang out with our family and nice to make a little trip into San Francisco on the same day. We love C + M and are grateful they let us tag along on their day trip.

                                 ^^^ seriously, look at these brothers #definitelyrelated ^^^


You guys. Go to Yosemite ASAP because, wow, it is beautiful. Zach mentioned that he really wanted to go (in fact, he said it was one of his greatest dreams) so we decided to make a day trip out of it. People said we were crazy for trying to go all in one day, but we are now home tired but very pleased with our day trip to Yosemite National Park.

Zach was incredibly excited and I was extremely tired (since we got up at 5:45 AM to leave) but it was TOTALLY worth it. Absolutely beautiful. I am super grateful to have Zach as my eternal companion and adventure buddy. Even though I was sort of grouchy/car sick/hangry, he remained positive, cheerful and loving towards me. I don't deserve him but am so happy to have him. It was a great day.


a happy list: 3

Babies. Babies babies babies. Ah, I love them! When we moved into Wymount we didn't have any neighbors and loved it. Then we had an awesome family move in next door and loved it even more. The Valentine's no longer live next door, which is very sad, but live only a short 20 minutes away in Santaquin. Jake + Jess are the very best and we love them, their cute little 1 year old gal Addison and brand new baby boy Cohen. Today has been very, very rainy (which could make it on the happy list all by itself) so I loved getting a surprise text from Jess saying that Jake was in class + the car was being sketchy so she came over! Yay for me because I got to meet new baby boy and he is THE sweetest. I want to hold him forever!


I have been on an online shopping kick lately and in preparation for the new school year have ordered some new clothes. One of my favorite families from back home are LulaRoe ladies and sell the cutest clothes EVER! I got my package today with these l…