my last first day

I can't even believe that I can title this post "my last first day". What the whaaaat?! I'm feeling quite a few different feelings about it, ranging from nostalgic to ecstatic. I really just can't even believe that this day is here! In fact, this day has come AND gone already. I'm taking only major classes this semester which isn't all too surprising since it's my last semester of classes; I wasn't expecting, though, to have 4 out of 6 of my classes in the same exact classroom with all four of those classes on M/W. Soooo basically I sat in the same exact seat for 4 hours straight today + probably will Wednesday too, but it's all good because it's the home stretch! I can do it!

This semester I get to take my high school teaching practicum, advocacy for p.e., motor learning, exercise physiology, outdoor activities (!!! I'm super excited to take this; some things we will learn are hiking, geocaching + dutch oven cooking), adolescent development and my coaching internship (which I love). Basically, I'm goin' out with a bang! :) My coaching internship is with Orem High School's girls Volleyball program and I've loved it. I went my first full week last week and think the coaches + players are the coolest. I can't wait to see how they do, they are SUCH a great team!

This semester will be extra cool because I have classes all day M/W but on Tuesday I only have one class (even though it's THREE hours 4:00-7:20) in the evening, one class Friday morning and then NO classes Thursday. Both Z + I have no classes Thursday which will be great because I always get a little sad with back to school since we both get so busy that we don't get much "us" time but this semester we will! As for the traditional "back to school photo", this morning I wanted to take some pictures of Z + myself in front of our magnetic door with the alphabet magnet spelling "Z + M first day" but Zach wouldn't let me for a while. After much fussing he decided it wasn't worth it to hear the whining and just grin + bear it... Literally.

                                   ^^^ I made Z scrunch down so I could see the letters above^^
                                       ^^^ Laughing because he wouldn't stop taking pictures ^^


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