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valentine's 2016

The Sparks' girls left the day before Valentine's day, on Saturday morning. We got to see them for a bit of the morning before they were off and Z + I celebrated our V-Day. We decided within minutes to go to brunch at a local hot spot, made reservations about an hour before and were off shortly after we got ready.
Brunch. At. Communal. Is. Amazing. Period. Holy moly, we couldn't have been happier with our decision to go for brunch. We got these amazing ricotta donuts with lemon curd to share as an appetizer and they were light, fluffy and not too sweet. Zach got eggs benedict and I ordered the pine state (because calories don't count of holidays/when you celebrate holidays and I was feeling adventurous ok don't judge) which is a biscuit with fried chicken, bacon, cheese, an egg and gravy on it. UHMAZING. Amazing. I loved being adventurous and trying new places with my love.

This is the only picture we really got on Valentine's day right before church. It's…

a visit from the sparks gals

The weekend after Zach's Duke visit, his older sister Emily and her girls came down to Provo for a short visit.

It is always so fun to be able to see our big sis and our sweet nieces! We had a great couple of days playing and enjoying ourselves. It was the perfect little break for me (school is no joke) in the perfect time since January + February feel like the longest months that just never seem to end.

We played, shopped, enjoyed In-N-Out, pizza, swimming, puppies, movies and each other's company. Here are some of the pics I got from that weekend, enjoy :)

 One fun night we got to go to the Puppy Barn in American Fork and it was so fun! Who doesn't love a good puppy cuddle?!

 Fun at the Bean Museum lookin' at all the animals.
 Our lip gloss was poppin'!