a visit from the sparks gals

The weekend after Zach's Duke visit, his older sister Emily and her girls came down to Provo for a short visit.

It is always so fun to be able to see our big sis and our sweet nieces! We had a great couple of days playing and enjoying ourselves. It was the perfect little break for me (school is no joke) in the perfect time since January + February feel like the longest months that just never seem to end.

We played, shopped, enjoyed In-N-Out, pizza, swimming, puppies, movies and each other's company. Here are some of the pics I got from that weekend, enjoy :)

 One fun night we got to go to the Puppy Barn in American Fork and it was so fun! Who doesn't love a good puppy cuddle?!

 Fun at the Bean Museum lookin' at all the animals.

 Our lip gloss was poppin'!


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