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bumpdate: 24 weeks

How Far Along?
24 weeks along, today! Maternity Clothes?
Honestly, so far I really only have 3 pairs of maternity pants and one maternity dress (that I know many other people who are not pregnant own, ha!). So yes and no but I'm quickly running out of options. Sleep?
I really like sleep. A few weeks ago, I got a body pillow from Bed, Bath and Beyond with a gift card we had and it's been AMAZING! I sleep a lot better with it but I still get up at least twice to pee during the night. Notable pregnancy moments?
At the doctor I found out she is sitting upright, like me with her feet down below (kicking my bladder) and her head up high by my lungs. Nothing to worry about right now, but we will keep it monitored. Movement?
Quite a bit! She moves sporadically throughout the day and pretty frequently, but there are still many quiet moments, too!  Gender: Sugar and Spice! GIRL! Food Cravings?
Gosh, everything? Haha. Specifically mozzarella sticks, homemade chocolate chip cookies and french fries. M…

baby girl white

This story really starts almost 2.5 years ago when Zach and I were married. I was on the pill and it made me crazy. We knew we wanted to wait at least a year before starting to try to have a baby. Skip a year into our marriage, I was having trouble with my period so I stopped taking the pill and we decided it wasn't a big deal if we held off on finding another form of birth control. FUN FACT: when you are a virgin and you get married, because you start having sex you automatically think you're pregnant. At least for me, I am pretty sure if my period was 30 seconds late I would buy a test because I thought I was pregnant. Pretty sure we bought like a test every month because I was SURE I was pregnant haha. Woops, sorry Zach! Anyways, I was off the pill and I wasn't getting a period. Come 2 months later (probably closer to 3 months sans my monthly gift), I get a period. Yay, right?! Not quite. It was irregular from that point for months.

I always wanted to pregnant/about-to-…

wedding weekend

2 weeks after we got to Durham, we hopped on a jet plane and flew to San Diego, CA for my little brother Matt's wedding. We got in early Thursday August 18 and my mama picked us up from the airport. We got In-N-Out for lunch and headed over to the house where the reception would be to help set up. I'm so sad because I hardly took ANY pictures but hope to post some here when my brother and his wife get their wedding photos back. Anyways, Friday we hung out together and I got my nails done with my mama while the boys hung out. That night was the family dinner put on at the same home as the reception and my parents did the dinner. This taco truck came and cooked super yummy tacos and quesadillas. There was a hibiscus drink and it was delicious. I loved getting to be with my family and see our dear family friends! Especially, my little cousin/sister Jessica. I love her dearly. She's my person (you too, Zach!)

Then we woke up bright and early Saturday to head over to the templ…

durham so far

I don't have any pictures from our 3 days car haul from Provo to Durham because I drove a lot of the time and when I wasn't driving I was so tired while riding shot gun (thanks mom, for helping me drive!) but it was... long. Day 1: Provo to Topeka, KS. A little over 14 hours. SO LONG. The best part about this leg of the trip was Colorado. Most of it was just gorgeous, just the last little part was when it looked just like the rest of the drive into Kansas. Day 2: Topeka to Charleston, WV. A little less than 13 hours. Not as bad as day one in terms of length but a little worse in terms of scenery. But mom and I DID get our pizza hut for lunch so we were happy. The whole 2 day and some change of a drive was occupied with listening to "Inferno" by Dan Brown. It was really good and passed the time wonderfully! This breakfast (below) was the morning we left Charleston and were off to Durham. I was AMAZED at the hotel breakfast. Seriously, biscuits and gravy?? I love biscu…

last hurrah trip: part 4 so-cal

After we spent a week at home, we headed down south to (first) the Shake Shack. Yes, that was our first stop. Yes, I had been planning that since we decided to go to Disneyland. And yes, it was so worth it. Glorious, Shake Shack. I mean, look at this cutie's face! We were thrilled.

Okay so maybe the main reason for the Southern California part of the trip was just for Shake Shack. Jk jk, we went for Disneyland. It was THE BEST. I don't care how old I get, I will always love Disneyland. It was so so magical and I couldn't stop taking selfies. We ate a kids meal of mac 'n cheese at a restaurant of which I cannot remember the name, dole whip, a corn dog, a churro, a turkey leg, lots of expensive water bottles (totally worth it) and a yummy meal at the carnation cafe. We rode lots of rides (the ones I could ride) and just enjoyed our time together.

last hurrah trip: part 3 home

After the trip, we spent the week at home. Brentwood is one of my favorite places. Not just because it's my home but because of the people there that I love. My family is there, my mom's family is there, my B2 family is there and I just love the way I feel there. I always feel loved! Bringing Zach home for the first time was amazing and every time we go back together is the best. I can't WAIT until we can bring our sweet little gal along with us! We had an ultrasound, we visited Walnut Creek, ate yummy food, spent time with family, visited the temple, paddle boarded with friends and it was wonderful being home.