last hurrah trip: part 4 so-cal

After we spent a week at home, we headed down south to (first) the Shake Shack. Yes, that was our first stop. Yes, I had been planning that since we decided to go to Disneyland. And yes, it was so worth it. Glorious, Shake Shack. I mean, look at this cutie's face! We were thrilled.

Okay so maybe the main reason for the Southern California part of the trip was just for Shake Shack. Jk jk, we went for Disneyland. It was THE BEST. I don't care how old I get, I will always love Disneyland. It was so so magical and I couldn't stop taking selfies. We ate a kids meal of mac 'n cheese at a restaurant of which I cannot remember the name, dole whip, a corn dog, a churro, a turkey leg, lots of expensive water bottles (totally worth it) and a yummy meal at the carnation cafe. We rode lots of rides (the ones I could ride) and just enjoyed our time together.


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