last hurrah trip: part 2 Church History Trip

After Washington, the next stop on our trip was Brentwood!... For two nights. We got in in the evening and had one day before we left with the Moser family on our church history trip. My parents, Mason, Zach and I flew out of Oakland into Kansas City, MO early in the morning on Saturday. Matt and Brooke flew in late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. We enjoyed a weeklong trip with some family friends that we know through my dad's mission president. We were nervous at first because we didn't know everyone well, but they turned out to be like family. We love the Earl's! They will be visiting New York this year and Zach + I hope to drive up from Durham to join them. Anyways, we visited Independence, Liberty Jail, Far West, Adam-ondi-Ahem, Nauvoo and Carthage jail. It was a wonderful week filled with great people, food and great times.

After leaving Nauvoo, we spent a night in Carthage. The next morning, we drove all the way back to Kansas City to where we started. We ate some yummy BBQ then headed up to see the National WWI memorial and museum. It was so beautiful and you could see the whole city from there. It was really cool and the memorial was so big! The detail on it was also, really cool.


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