filling the gap

If you happened to notice, 2 posts ago is dated March 6 (which was also delayed because it was about Valentine's) and my most recent post is dated August 25 which is definitely one of the larger gaps on my blog. I wish I had kept up with it a bit better but at the same time, I have been learning to live more in the present. With Instagram, snapchat and blogging calling my name to snap photos and record my life through a number of different ways, I have learned that it's more important to be with the people you are with COMPLETELY and just live life! This does not mean, however, that I will be abandoning my Instagram or my blog. It just means I will be trying to live in the moment and if that means taking a while to blog about it then so be it.

That being said, let's catch up.

In April we found out 2 life changing bits of information. First, that Zach got into Duke. We graduated from BYU and were excited for the future. I started a photography business (I have now sort of abandoned for lack of clientele in North Carolina) and we started our very last term of classes as Cougars. We ALSO found out that I am PREGNANT! We are expecting a sweet baby GIRL in early January! I'm going to do a post all about baby White soon. For now, just a few pictures and things that happened during our last Spring Term!!

 ^^ When Zach's brother Phil + Laurel and their family visited Provo in May, Laurel's sister got married. We went to the temple to help watch the Cummins (Laurel's family) children. We love little Simon boy, it is so fun living close to him now so we can watch him become the sweetest little boy!

^^ I already miss my favorite spots on campus. This one is in the JFSB and it's my favorite painting. I love Brian Kershisnik! I have "She Will Find What is Lost" in my living room and think the Nativity, and all the detail in it, is gorgeous. Probably one of my most favorite pieces. 

 ^^ Being all bloated and pretending it was a bump ha!

 ^^One of my very best friends, Abbey, and I have birthdays a week apart. She's June 1st and I'm June 8th. We've been friends for almost 14 years now. WHAT?! How can we be that old? Anyways, this was from her birthday. I adore this lady!

 ^^ We also got to meet our sweet, baby niece Bridget. She was born at 24 weeks and passed away 5 days after she was born. She is an angel and I love her. She brought a sweet spirit to this world when she was here and now is watching over her parents in heaven. We love you, Bridget Birdie!

 ^^ My birthday tradition! Kinda. Zach took my to Station 22 cafe for my birthday lunch. It was delicious and I loved getting to spend my day with my boy. I guess it wasn't a tradition since we only did it for my birthday for 2 years but still.

^^ Bridget's funeral. Her cousins let pink balloons fly into the sky while the song "Three Little Birds" played. My sister-in-law, Myleka, would sing Bridget this song while she was pregnant with her and while she was in the hospital. 

^^ For my birthday, Zach took my to a hotel overnight in SLC! We stayed right in City Creek so it was very convenient. Because I was only like 10 weeks pregnant, I was still really sick and didn't feel well at all sooo we ended up laying in the bed and watching movies and TV. It was great! 

^^ Puppy barn. The best. 

^^ Zach's best little buddy. Ever since Simon was little, he has LOVED Zach. I think it is just the cutest thing how much he loves Zach. When we go over to their house for dinner, all night he plays and laughs with Zach. I love it.


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