Friday, July 31, 2015

pre-married me

I was looking through old posts tonight from my old blog that I didn't want to lose when I transferred over to the new blog + had to post this one. I get butterflies when I think about Zach and especially when I think about our dating, engagement and pre-marriage newness. It's fun to reminisce, especially since Z is currently in North Carolina helping his brother, Phil, move into their new place with our cousin Andrew. So here is a little peek back into the McKenzie of April, 2014. Enjoy!

Since my last post in November, life has taken off at a pace that is seemingly too fast for me to keep up with.

Since November I have:

  • Made it to and from San Diego for Thanksgiving safely with a full tummy and heart
  • Continued dating Zach.
He picked me up from the airport after San Diego and we went to the Utah Capitol building:

  • Drove home (and slid off the road but only once!) to California for Christmas break after finals.
  • Spent some much needed family time with my favorite people.

  • Finally got to bring the man I love and my other favorite person home to meet my favorite people

Here is a picture of us from when he came to California to stay with my family for a week of break, feel free to collectively "awww":
  • Made the trek again back to Utah for the new semester
  • On January 24, 2014 outside in the freezing cold at the Provo Temple, my best friend and the man I love asked me in the sweetest way possible to marry him. I (obviously) said (shouted, possibly) YES!
  • Floated on cloud 9 for what seemed like forever until I realized how many plans there were involved with a wedding and got down to business.
  • Shortly thereafter, flew home with Zachary (him+my family/being home=best thing EVER) for my younger brother's, Matt, farewell. Matt, or Elder Moser, is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Argentina! He gave an amazing talk and touched many people.
  • Flew back out AGAIN to Utah, spent a few wonderful and cherished days with Matt before we dropped him off at the MTC here in Provo.
  •  Took our engagement pictures! I love all of them, they are seriously so great but here are a few (or maybe a few more than a few) of my favorites:

  • We have registered, completed some other wedding plans and are now in the process of sending out invitations!
  • Amidst all this craziness I decided to train for a half marathon. I know. I am crazy but it has actually been extremely rewarding! This past Saturday Zach and I ran 6 miles! 
  • Just this past Saturday, March 29, my wonderful Mother-in-Law to be threw me the loveliest bridal shower complete with yummy brunch, a journal for advice, a jar of date ideas and more. It was so fun and I felt so, so incredibly loved.

I can't believe it is already April 2nd. Do you know what that means? That means I get married... not in two months or even next month BUT THIS MONTH. Zach and I get married THIS MONTH. And THAT is about as crazy beautiful as it gets. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

snowbird: summer 2015

There's a ski resort up in the beautiful Little Cottonwood Canyon that is world renowned for their snow in the wintertime. Well, I think they should be world renowned for the summer, too. Almost two years ago, this October, I had my first encounter with this magical place in the mountains. Zach invited me to, first, go with his family down to Saint George where I met his oldest brother + his family. He also invited me up to Snowbird with his family. Being a native Californian, I thought Snowbird was a city in Utah (hahaha; I actually looked up "Snowbird, UT on the iPhone weather app) and I had no idea what it would be like. 
Not only is it a beautiful place, but it is also the place Zachary told me he loves me so it gets a 10/5 stars from me. Zach's parents have a time share with the resort so they go multiple times a year and I love every opportunity we get to go with them. This summer was super fun with almost all of Zach's immediate family! We got to spend lots of time with our nieces and nephews, swam a bunch and hung out with our family. I can't believe my last semester of classes starts in less than a month but I'm grateful for this summer because it's been wonderful.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

my much bigger baby brother

Many of you that know me know that I am the oldest sibling with two younger brothers. I love being the older sister and the favorite (only) sister, for that matter. It has been so fun growing up with these two fun, great boys/men? (SO weird) as my brothers.

My brother, Matt, just younger than me, and I do mean JUST younger than me by only 12 months + 3 weeks, is currently serving as "Elder Moser" as a missionary for our church in Argentina! He is so awesome. We fought quite a bit growing up but have a wonderful relationship now and I am so grateful for that + him!

My "baby" brother, if you could honestly ever have called him a baby, Mason is wonderful. He is my best buddy and has been since he was born. He is funny, creative, witty, kind, honest, smart, loving and so much more. When Mason was little he was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. He is very, very smart and accomplish most anything he puts his mind to. He just has a hard time making friends and sometimes doesn't quite know when things should (or, more often than not, should NOT) be said.

This week, my mom and Mason are out here in the great P-Town so that Mason can attend a missionary camp called "Mission Ready". When it was time to drop Mason off at camp for the first fireside, not only did my mom go to drop him off but my dad did and so did I. He had a whole posse with him when he checked in! We just love him so much and care about him not being made fun of or treated poorly. When he walked in, my mom went to make sure everything was okay. From the back of the room she saw Mason walk to a row with nobody in it and sit by himself. She left the room and came over to us tearing up, sad to see him by himself. So I decided to go see for myself if he was okay. What I saw moved ME to tears (not very hard if you know me). I saw a girl inviting Mason to go and sit with her. It made me SO happy, I almost burst! So, naturally, I left the room to find my parents as I'm near tears and tell them the happy thing I just witnessed! They were also super happy and we went on our merry way.

It makes me so happy when I see people treat Mason well. He is so kind and means only the best. I was just as nervous as my mom was on his first day of camp because we didn't want Mason all by himself. SOOOO last night Mason performed in the Mission Ready Variety Show by dancing to "You Can't Touch This", a dance he made up for my dad on Father's Day! It made me so happy to see so many people (yes, me too as I was recording you can hear me very well ha) cheering for him during his dance. Enjoy! And, remember, treat all people as you would have your younger sibling, child or friend treated. Everyone matters and deserves to be treated well.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

happy 23rd birthday

Even though I am giving a talk in our first church meeting today AND giving the lesson in the third hour meeting, I had to give a birthday shoutout to my birthday boy. Happy birthday, Zachary! You are the best part of me and I didn't know I could love another so much. Thank you for making me a wife and, some day, a mother. I just know you will be the most amazing father and can't wait to see you as so. You're the best man I know + I learn so much from you on a daily basis. I love you, I love you, I love you! 23 looks good on you babe.