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I was looking through old posts tonight from my old blog that I didn't want to lose when I transferred over to the new blog + had to post this one. I get butterflies when I think about Zach and especially when I think about our dating, engagement and pre-marriage newness. It's fun to reminisce, especially since Z is currently in North Carolina helping his brother, Phil, move into their new place with our cousin Andrew. So here is a little peek back into the McKenzie of April, 2014. Enjoy!

Since my last post in November, life has taken off at a pace that is seemingly too fast for me to keep up with.

Since November I have:

  • Made it to and from San Diego for Thanksgiving safely with a full tummy and heart
  • Continued dating Zach.
He picked me up from the airport after San Diego and we went to the Utah Capitol building:

  • Drove home (and slid off the road but only once!) to California for Christmas break after finals.
  • Spent some much needed family time with my favorite people.

  • Finally got to bring the man I love and my other favorite person home to meet my favorite people

Here is a picture of us from when he came to California to stay with my family for a week of break, feel free to collectively "awww":
  • Made the trek again back to Utah for the new semester
  • On January 24, 2014 outside in the freezing cold at the Provo Temple, my best friend and the man I love asked me in the sweetest way possible to marry him. I (obviously) said (shouted, possibly) YES!
  • Floated on cloud 9 for what seemed like forever until I realized how many plans there were involved with a wedding and got down to business.
  • Shortly thereafter, flew home with Zachary (him+my family/being home=best thing EVER) for my younger brother's, Matt, farewell. Matt, or Elder Moser, is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Argentina! He gave an amazing talk and touched many people.
  • Flew back out AGAIN to Utah, spent a few wonderful and cherished days with Matt before we dropped him off at the MTC here in Provo.
  •  Took our engagement pictures! I love all of them, they are seriously so great but here are a few (or maybe a few more than a few) of my favorites:

  • We have registered, completed some other wedding plans and are now in the process of sending out invitations!
  • Amidst all this craziness I decided to train for a half marathon. I know. I am crazy but it has actually been extremely rewarding! This past Saturday Zach and I ran 6 miles! 
  • Just this past Saturday, March 29, my wonderful Mother-in-Law to be threw me the loveliest bridal shower complete with yummy brunch, a journal for advice, a jar of date ideas and more. It was so fun and I felt so, so incredibly loved.

I can't believe it is already April 2nd. Do you know what that means? That means I get married... not in two months or even next month BUT THIS MONTH. Zach and I get married THIS MONTH. And THAT is about as crazy beautiful as it gets. 


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