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A Very Merry Christmas 2017

Well, it's been close to a year since the last time I blogged! But, to be fair, my laptop's hard drive gave up the ghost and Zach's computer is mostly off-limits for recreational use because of all the important school work that's always up. BUT, for Christmas we got a new (amazing and super fast) hard drive and I am LOVING having my laptop back. That being said, I think I will be blogging more now. This year, Christmas Eve was on Sunday and we had a lovely day filled with friends and family. We went to church with our friends, Kelly and Devin, and went to a yummy potluck with friends after. Then, for dinner we had delicious soups with more wonderful friends! It was a busy, love-filled day. We closed out our night at Phil and Laurel's watching "Home Alone" and sipping on hot chocolate. Last year, on Christmas Eve night we did the same thing. Looks like a tradition in the making! This morning, Em woke up bright and early, as if she knew it were Christma…

Our Hospital Stay

Following the c-section, we had a 3 day long hospital stay... kinda more like 4 since Em was born early early Thursday morning. So... Wednesday morning to Sunday afternoon. It was so wonderful to be in that little hospital bubble of ours. Here is just a quick photo dump of our hospital stay!

emerson lyn white: birth story

Emerson turned 7 weeks old yesterday and I figured I better take a few minutes to write out her birth story. Part of me wishes I could go back and relive that sacred day over and over! But then also part of me is like, yeah not doing it like that ever again but thanks anyway. Weeks before Em was born, I was in the early stages of labor and having contractions everyday. This caused me to think she was definitely showing up early! Yeah, wrong. Our first false alarm was the day before Zach’s most important final. I had been having fairly consistent contractions and an excess of (sorry, TMI) cervical mucus which led me to believe my water had “torn” and was leaking. I called my OB and they told me to go ahead and go in. Once there, in the triage room, the nurse did some tests to see if anything really was of concern. Due to the results of the tests, she decided it best for me to hang out a bit longer and have the doctor come in and check me. The doctor told me I was the same progression a…