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One year ago, today, I was having a pretty crappy day. I was in no mood for school since I had just changed majors and things were crazy, my sweet roommate, Jordan, and I were halfway to the temple when I realized my temporary recommend was sitting somewhere in my bedroom at home in California, and I felt like the world was out to get me (typical girl, amirite??). Zachary, being the sweetest boyfriend ever, knew I was having a rough day. So, when he showed up Friday evening on January 24th, 2014 at my apartment to pick me up for our date he said, "I wanted to save this date idea for when I proposed but I know you're having a really crappy day and I think I should remind you why we're together." Okay first off, I was totally bummed that he told me he was gonna "save it for when he proposed BUT..." which meant he totally wasn't going to. But also, what a sweet gesture! So, off we went.

One year ago, today, was my very first encounter with Indian food at t…

eating healthy is hard

Eating healthy is something I have always struggled with. I just love good food! And, of course, I know there are healthy foods that also taste good but often times I am tempted by the delicious foods that are high in fat, calories and all the wrong things. I am an avid lover of cheese, foods that are fried and PIZZA. I like to eat whatever I want, when I want and that makes eating healthy hard.

Ever since my junior year in high school, the year I stopped participating in interscholastic athletics, I have struggled with having healthy eating habits, my weight and self image. I go through a process that seems to be this terrible never-ending cycle of: doing really well with my eating and weight to giving myself a little slack because I deserve it to completely foregoing my healthy eating habits to losing my self-confidence and gaining weight then back to having motivation and eating well again. I have never been seriously overweight, but it truly affects the way I see and love myself w…