One year ago, today, I was having a pretty crappy day. I was in no mood for school since I had just changed majors and things were crazy, my sweet roommate, Jordan, and I were halfway to the temple when I realized my temporary recommend was sitting somewhere in my bedroom at home in California, and I felt like the world was out to get me (typical girl, amirite??). Zachary, being the sweetest boyfriend ever, knew I was having a rough day. So, when he showed up Friday evening on January 24th, 2014 at my apartment to pick me up for our date he said, "I wanted to save this date idea for when I proposed but I know you're having a really crappy day and I think I should remind you why we're together." Okay first off, I was totally bummed that he told me he was gonna "save it for when he proposed BUT..." which meant he totally wasn't going to. But also, what a sweet gesture! So, off we went.

One year ago, today, was my very first encounter with Indian food at the local hotspot Bombay House. So. Good. SO GOOD. In fact, it may be one of my very favorite types of food now! And Bombay House is doin' things right. After we ate, the real fun began. Zach took me to different places that have been special to us in our relationship; like the Courthouse where we stopped on the way to watch "Star Wars" on our first date because there was a really cool Latino festival taking place and we wanted to stop. Or in the Varsity Theater (in the exact seats) on BYU campus in the Wilk where we very first met on the morning of New Student Orientation Y-group leader training. And the Education in Zion exhibit in the JFSB Building where we hit it off as we chatted and got to know each other a bit more. We walked and talked about what we were feeling the day we met, on our first date, etc. We then were going to look at Z's friend's apartment but, woops, they were out playing volleyball! Strange they knew we were coming but forgot to mention they weren't going to be home? Huh. Yeah, didn't even phase me. I hadn't caught on to a single thing yet. So Z suggested that we just go up to the temple since we were already headed that way! So we did and it was a cold but clear night so we took our time walking to the back garden. And then my life changed forever because...

One year ago, today, my very best friend shared some sweet thoughts and loving words with me behind the Provo temple. Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The word "YES" had been bubbling up inside me since the day I knew I wanted him to be mine forever and the time had finally come to say it! It was a blissful night shared with my love as well as some of our best friends, Zach's brother Phil and our sis-in-law Laurel. 

In honor of our "engagiversary", today we went and ate at the delicious Bombay House. We sat, talked and laughed and I felt the butterflies that only he stirs in me stronger than ever. We then added a little Sodalicious fun to the mix so we could sip as we drove around those special places again and talked about our feelings as well as reflecting on our past year together. 

Zach- I feel so very blessed to have you, my sweet best friend, lover, husband, forever valentine, handsome groom. I feel so blessed for our life together. Through the disagreements, tears, smiles, laughter, slow dances, homework, time apart and time together... Things with you just keep getting better. Thank you for all the love and forgiveness you show me. Thank you for slow dancing with me. Thank you for giving me the best advice. Thank you for taking me to the temple. Thank you for everything. You mean the world to me! Te amo, mi guapo esposo! Rohayhu! -Wifey


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