About Us

    I'm McKenzie.
    I am a 23 year old BYU graduate who studied Physical Education and Coaching. I love blankets, rainy days, Netflix, headbands, pizza + being a mom. I desperately wish I could fit a nap in everyday and I really love my Mr + mini-me.

    He's Zachary.
    Z's a 25 year old BYU graduate who studied Statistics and is now getting a PhD at Duke University in Statistics. Zach served a two year mission for our church in Paraguay and continues to be a example to me everyday. He loves running, sports, good food, the outdoors + Zach wishes it was socially acceptable to kiss his muscles.

    She's Emerson. 
    Our, first baby, Emerson Lyn was born on January 5, 2017 and we love her to pieces! She's almost 1 and we cannot believe how fast this year has flown. Emerson loves her mom and dad, eating all kinds of foods (especially french fries, bread, fruit, anything sweet!), playing around other babies, standing by herself, giving high fives and pretending to talk on the phone. We love her so much.

    We are the White's.
    AUGUST 27, 2013: We met each other while working New Student Orientation at BYU

    SEPTEMBER 2, 2013: Went on a wonderful first date + watched Star Wars (my first time)

    OCTOBER 11, 2013: So this is love!

    JANUARY 24, 2014: He asked + I said (practically shouted) "YES!"

    APRIL 26, 2014: Married for time and all Eternity in the Oakland, CA LDS temple.

    April 22 , 2016: We graduated from BYU!

    AUGUST 29, 2016: Zach had his first day as a PhD student in the Statistical Science program at Duke University.

    JANUARY 5, 2017: Emerson Lyn White joined the party at 1:06 am. We can't remember our life without her.


    This little corner of the internet is written by ME, McKenzie, but is all about us. I started this blog because, well, I like blogging but also to keep up with the times + so that I can have a virtual journal which our loved ones (mostly our moms) can keep up with us from near + far.


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