a new day, a new year

Being New Years Eve, I am feeling very motivated to write out my new years resolutions and then stick with them no matter what. Of course, this is something that tends to happen year after year. The end of the year nears, I think up things I need to be better at in the next year, I struggle with them throughout the whole year and then ultimately have no resolutions left that went exactly as I wanted. Last year, I didn't even have resolutions! I had just given up because it never worked in the past.

This year, I am motivated. So motivated, in fact, that I will be writing a "Resolution Update" journal entry once every month. I think this will really help me in being held accountable for the goals I set for myself and I am pretty excited about it. Although I will not be posting each of my resolutions here on the blog, I will be posting a few of them. So, without further adieu, I present...
McKenzie White's New Years Resolutions for the Year of 2015!!!
  • Exercise at least 4 days a week, make conscience & healthy food choices and strive to be healthier in order to love myself better.
    • I feel crummy when I eat poorly and have poor body image when I am not actively striving to keep my body healthy. I have always struggled with my self confidence regarding body image and would really like to improve in this area. 
  • Read the scriptures EVERY DAY. No if, and's or but's. 
    • I am so bad about reading my scriptures meaningfully everyday. I know it seems like I don't have time to do it everyday, but the truth is that I do have time to read my scriptures everyday. I really do! Plus, I love them and I love my Father in Heaven. I want to show Him and myself that I am grateful for all that I am given and will obey commandments to dutifully read my scriptures.
  • Be a better wife.
    • The past 8 months of marriage have truly showed me what matters most. I know people probably say this all the time but really, I never knew I could love someone this much. There's a country song that says, "And I thought I loved you then." I want to forgive easier, love unconditionally, let the little things go and spend more time being a better me for my husband.
  • Be a better student.
    • I am usually pretty dang hard on myself about a lot of things. My studies being probably number one on my list. In high school, I was an average student. I preformed average-slightly below average on the ACT, got an average GPA, and never have I once gotten straight A's. This is so difficult for me because I try. So. Hard. I, quite literally, have put my blood, sweat and tears into my school work since I got accepted to BYU almost 3 years ago. My GPA here at the Y has not been nearly impressive. It started out rough, with a poor GPA. But this last Fall 2014 semester, I got a 3.50 GPA. I have not been proud of myself in the academics department for quite some time but this proved to me that I can do it! This year, I want to truly work harder than I ever have before.
  • Reduce social media/internet usage.
    • Holy moly, do I struggle with this. I love Instagram and I love Pinterest and the internet. Man, this will be a hard one. But I really want to do it! I haven't quite figured out the specifics yet but I know for sure I will continue to leave my phone in the car or my bag during date nights, family dinners/events, class and church. I will also continue to forsake social media on Sundays. Any suggestions for other little ways to do this? I would love to hear them!
This year, I am determined to make one of the best years of my life. Although, this past year of 2014 has been pretty dang special too. Like actually life changing! Here are some of my favorite moments, inspired by NieNie.
Getting engaged and married to my love:

Went on the most perfect honeymoon getaway:
Moved into our first place:

Sent my little brother off on a mission:

Started a new school year as a married couple:
Watched my husband run a MARATHON!

Had some really fun visitors:

Spent our second Halloween together:

Spent our first Thanksgiving and Christmas together:

Overall, this has been one truly amazing year. I have loved the growth I have experienced as well as the growth WE have have experienced together this year. Mostly... I am excited for all the many years to come. Happy New Year!


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