counting down.

I love countdowns. Especially when it's right around finals and right before Christmas. Currently, I have a countdown for a few different events which include...
  • 2 finals left
  • 3 days until Zach and I have our own little Christmas- just the two of us
  • 4 days until we fly home (my home) for our #CaliforniaChristmas and get to be out there partying it up with my family for two whole weeks!
  • 10 days until Christmas! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!
I tend to resort to using countdowns when my stress levels rise (finals) and all I can (finals) think about is (finals) upcoming tasks to overcome like, hm I don't know maybe, finals. I, like every other sane college student, intensely dislike finals. And I mean, I like when it's not too crazy and stressful preparing for a bunch of tests but usually it is solely studying for and preparing for a bunch of tests which is so not fun.

I am very excited for when my finals are over, but for now I can't think about that too much or I will loose all sense of focus (which obviously is already fading, as I am here writing a blog post) and dedication to my studies. (haha, yeah right.) To further prove my point, here are some fun pics of my man and I... Studying... For finals...


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