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Since Thanksgiving, we have had 2 weeks before the dreaded reality that is finals week is upon us. We are currently in our second week and I could not be more terrified. I just get so so stressed when it comes to final exams because I feel like it's a judgement day kind of thing that doesn't always capture exactly how hard I have worked or what I have actually learned and yeah just stress. Lots of stress. However, I have some awesome people in my life and things that are keeping me less stressed and more sane. Here are a few of those people/things.

Zach. & Swig.
Zach and I have a (somewhat unhealthy) love for Swig that is unlike any other. We LOVE it. Those white Styrofoam cups and purple straws create a warm fuzzy feeling in my gut and I just love it. It's really pretty bad for you to drink lots of soda, I know, but it's just so close to our house and too yummy! We like getting a "Big Al" which is a Diet Coke soda base with coconut and lime in it. We try to be good and get it Caffeine free. Some people would argue this changes the taste but it really doesn't for us. Anyways, Swig is great. And of course, Zach. He keeps me sane and balances out my stress by telling me that I need to watch another "New Girl" on Netflix. He's too good to me.

Reuniting with the best of friends.
The two beauties on the left (from left to right: Kapri and Ali) were my freshman roommates from Fall semester and they both just got back from their missions to Brazil and Arizona, respectively. I was SO SO happy and excited when we scheduled our first reunion from them being back, especially since it would be at Cafe Rio. Things got even better when we found out my roommate from Summer term of my freshmen year, Shanna, would be joining us. We had a glorious and tearful and hugging initial reaction and chatty rest of the reunion. I missed them so much and having them back was too great for words. I love these girls and look forward to our future adventures together.

Having one of the best of friends get MARRIED.
This beautiful woman, Emily Merle Ferguson Platt Jones, got married last month and I could NOT be more excited for her. She married an amazing guy, Garrett, and their personalities flatter each other in the perfect way. She looked absolutely stunning on both her wedding day and the day of her open house. Emily is one of the most genuine, kind people I have ever met. She is a friend to all and I am grateful I get to call her a good friend of my own. I am excited for our husbands to become running buddies and us to become running buddies that run really really slow. Love you, Ems. Stay golden.

Last but NOT least, Christmas. All things Christmas.
Christmas decorations. Christmas presents. Christmas Spirit. Christmas hot chocolate (that is just regular hot chocolate but it's December so Christmas hot chocolate). Christ. It is all so great. Here are some pictures of our house currently.. Correction: our tiny apartment which is why our tree is 3 ft tall.

And although Christmas anything and everything is super awesome, it is always good to have a reminder daily of the true meaning of this beloved holiday season. And to remind you of that, here is a message from my church about how "He is the gift". He is the Christ. He is Christmas. He is the Gift. This short video is a beautiful reminder that this Holiday season, and the one before that all the way back to the holy night of Christ's birth, is not about presents or finding the best deal. This Holiday season is about Christ, because HE is the gift. 
Merry Christmas.


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