grateful switchup

Although I am grateful for many different things everyday, I have decided to alter my grateful project a little bit. Instead of 25 days of grateful (I don't want to overwhelm either of you two devoted followers of mine or my blogging capacities) I will post when I feel appropriate about things I am grateful for and every time I post, the post will include at least one thing I am grateful for. Fair? I think so.

Today I am grateful for good friends, easy recipes and Target. Ever since Zach and I got married, I feel as though I have struggled a little bit in the friend department. Zach has lots of friends and would meet with them on a regular basis and it always seemed a lot harder to keep up with my friends and our busy work schedules. Since this Fall semester has started up, Zach and I spend a lot more time with our friends together which has been a blast. Just last night we had some friends over for dinner and we just laughed a lot of the time! It was so great and, I am sure, added some years onto each of our lives. 
I am also grateful for easy recipes because it can be overwhelming to try and tackle more complex recipes on my own without building up to it. Here are some pictures of our very first dinner I made in our very first apartment together:

It was crockpot chicken, rice and corn. And it was awful. Of course, it is hard to mess up rice and frozen corn so those were edible but the chicken was (I think, still not sure to this day) over cooked and rubbery. It was so sad for me, I worked so dang hard and the meal was a flop. Zach was, of course, very sweet about it and claimed it was very delicious but I knew it was not. Anyway, here is my new go-to chicken recipe  and it is so good. 
I am grateful for Target. I love love love Target so much! We got a boatload of Target gift cards for our wedding and after tonight, they have all been used and spent on good things. I have become so impressed with Target over the years. Good clothes, cute decor and just basically anything you could possible need. Because we had a little Target money left, we purchased some good items in preparation for the winter with necessities such as:
Fuzzy socks

Hot Chocolate mix, specifically Stephen's


I wish I could just have an unlimited Target gift card. That would be truly livin'.


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