Snow. I have such an interesting love/hate relationship with snow. The first snowfall is so beautiful and peaceful and I love watching it fall (from indoors, not really outdoors). It makes me so excited for the Holidays and I really like being inside with family, hot chocolate and Christmas decorations. However, once I get back from Christmas break and it's just bleak and cold, then the snow gets all dirty and sloshy.. I start to really hate it. That is when I am completely ready for springtime.

But for now, I will love the snow and enjoy every minute of not despising it. Here is a (somewhat edited) picture of the very first snowfall here in Provo. It did not stick for long, but it was beautiful.

Because it has been getting colder I have been making a lot more stovetop popcorn. And it has been yuuuummy! Normally when I make popcorn, Zach is there to share it with me but Friday he was taking/preparing for a test until the evening so I decided to make some and only eat half while I watched Anastasia on Netflix. I only ate about.. 2/3 which I decided was an accomplishment. I have also been making more hot chocolate and that's a perfect combo. See?? Look how perfect! 

A project of mine since we moved into our apartment was to clean up the built in desk in our living room that has sort of just become a place to put stuff and let it sit for long periods of time. It wasn't as organized as I would like and it made me feel cluttered which I don't love. So, we bought a couple of organizational tools from IKEA and on Monday I went to town. It surprisingly took a lot longer than I thought and still even looks a little cluttered. But I can now use the desk if I want to and there is a place for (kinda/almost) everything so I was pretty happy with the outcome.

I feel so blessed and I am so grateful for a loving husband who does all he can for our little family. I am grateful we have an amazing family and that some of that amazing family lives so close by. I am grateful for Saturday mornings where we wake up early, open the blinds and watch the snow fall. I am grateful for this beautiful life and all the blessings we are blessed with.


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