have courage + be kind

This past weekend Zach and I drove down to Vegas to meet up with my parents, younger brother Mason and (surprise!) my grandparents! It was so great to get to spend time with some of my most favorite people that I often miss having so close to me. Although my first trip to Vegas taught me that the parts that we visited + stayed were pretty icky, I also was able to be with family and learn a valuable lesson. 
My family are huge movie-goers and Zach + I are always more than happy to go out to the theatre with them because we almost never do. We are RedBox people, but we do love going to the actual movie theatre. Over the weekend we saw Cinderella! I wasn't expecting much going in but loved it! One thing I especially loved was that even though it was a remake of a great film, there were no curve balls or unexpected turns. When remaking a classic movie such as Cinderella, I think it is smart to stick to the story line which is exactly what happened. The famous quote that Cinderella's mother tells her is that she should always "have courage and be kind". What wonderful advice, don't you think? I try to be as kind as I can and always look for the good in people. Sometimes it can be pretty dang hard but it is always possible. Obviously, Cinderella had some rough times put upon her by some pretty nasty people (women, ha go figure amirite?) yet she remained positive and kind. It gives me some perspective about life and how it will never go perfectly but we can always find the strength to "have courage and be kind". So, I invite all who read this to try to be a little kinder and have a little more courage because wonderful things will happen. Happy Monday!


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