summer on my mind

Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, lovetaza, I found this super cute suit for only $13! Thank you, Old Navy! It was originally $20 for the suit but there was a deal going where the suit came down to $13 then $20 EVEN all together with shipping! I got it in the mail today (isn't it just the best getting something in the mail?!) and was so excited to try it on. My verdict: super cheap, way cute AND actually flattering! I love love love when a suit is flattering as well as being cute! SCORE.

I'm super excited to wear my suite as much as possible this summer! After this winter semester ends (TWO WEEKS!), I have a little over of a month before summer terms starts. That time will be filled with: a road trip to 1. California for my cousins wedding + our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary 2. Seattle to visit Zach's sister and her family for a fun little vacation, Zach starts his much anticipated internship with Zion's bank in SLC, I get to take another vacation to stay with Z + I's sis-in-law in Southern California for a week to play and hang out with the coolest nephews, Netflix, training for my 2nd half-marathon and much, much more. I am so excited for this long-awaited break then to be back at it for Summer term, Fall semester then my student teaching next Winter semester. I can't believe this is all in my near future, it seems like I've been waiting forever! All I have to say to life is... Bring it!


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