the (almost) Stone family

My older cousin, Eric, is getting married in a little less than 2 weeks and I could not be more excited for him + his sweet bride to be, Danika. Not to exploit my dear older cousin on the worldwide web but this will not be the first time Eric has gotten married. WHAT! I know, right. Well, Eric + I have actually been married to each other more than once (incest?). When we were kids, our older cousin Brynn would dress us up and play "house" with us in which we were usually a married couple. 

Eric has been like an older brother to me since I can remember. We have lived barely a mile away from each other all growing up, went to the same elementary, middle + high school, he has encouraged me to not be shy, pinched me with his toes, attacked me etc. etc. I grew up being very close with my cousins and love them very much! 

Well, today I got to shoot some pictures for Eric + Danika. It felt amazing being behind the lens again doing what I love to do! I have missed using my beautiful Nikon D-3000 to capture moments that people can have for years + years. Here are a few of my favorites with all natural lighting + no editing! 

I'm an amateur photographer but love to take photos, I'm easy to work with + love to work with others so if you ever need your photographic needs met for CHEAP (key word there) I am happy to help! Contact me through the "Let's Chat!" page located right up there ^^^


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