happy anniversary, my love

Zachary Monroe White,

Happy anniversary, my love! We did it... One year of being married to you + it truly has been the most wonderful year of my life. It has been a year of love, happiness, fun, learning, and so much more. Everyday I come to love you more + still get those nervous, excited butterflies that I did when we first met.

When I met you, I was instantly smitten. You were fresh back from your mission, handsome, funny and so sweet. All through NSO I just wanted to sit by you and talk to you and get to know you better. Luckily, we hung out after the last day of new students orientation (when I seriously was devastated and never thought I would see you again) at the soccer game then played cards. And thank goodness you asked me on a date for a few days later to watch Star Wars for my first time.

I can't even believe how quickly I fell for you. Zachary, I love you. I look up to you and I'm so grateful for your influence on my life. You make me want to be my very best self + I can't wait for the rest of forever with you.

Thank you for everything #mrpopular , you mean the whole world to me.

Love always, your wifey


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