You know, the duration of the semester I totally dread finals. It's almost like imminent death. Obviously a bit dramatic, but it's debatably one of the most unpleasant time of the school year. I hate the idea of the "final judgement" type feel that final exams have. For some classes, the finals don't add up to too much of the final grade but for others... A poor grade on the final = a poor grade in the class. It's just so stressful! And I hate stress.

But when finals actually do roll around and the last day of classes arrives, it's kind of nice knowing that the end of the semester is near. I love having the freedom to take the 2 reading days (a.k.a. no school, likely not much reading days) and study or not study. I also enjoy having, essentially, a free day where I can take my finals when I want. Then there are those scheduled finals (I have TWO this semester scheduled at 7:00 a.m... like why?!) that suck but then after a few days you're all done!

I am currently 4 finals in with 1 to go. I am currently sitting in this exact spot:

Because I had one of my early finals this morning, I wasn't able to do my long run. So, as I sit here watching Diner's, Drive-In's and Dive's on the Food Network, I better study for a bit before I go... But I did complete 3 whole finals today so that deserves a little R+R before my long R(un)... Right?? Great, I'm glad you agree! ;)


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