we can do hard things!

This beautiful Friday morning has been a great one as I have re-learned a very valuable lesson. As the sweetest baby boy next door is sleep training with our bedroom wall sharing his, Zach + I have taken the opportunity to do something we've wanted to for a while. Have a SLEEPOVER! In my opinion, living room sleepovers are good for the soul. Yesterday, was rough for the both of us. It was the longest Thursday ever but we ended it in great spirits with a date night. Here is Zach being the gentleman that he is and ordering in the COLD (whatEVER Utah! It's springtime now!) as I sat in the warm car. Love that man. The Greek-n-Go truck has become a usual for us with amazing gyros, fresh french fries AND the most delicious fry sauce too.
Anyways, we went home and watched Netflix while we rested our brain-dead heads. Zach worked on homework while I searched the internet to no avail to find a cute dress for my cousins wedding. Target has failed me! Any suggestions for cute, not a million dollars dresses out there let me know!

So we went to bed early and I was so excited to sleep in! Finally my crazy week was slowing down. I woke up around 7:00 (whaaat the heck, right??) fully rested and my body would not let me sleep anymore. So, I woke up. As I am currently training for my 2nd half marathon it was the perfect opportunity to hop (Easter pun intended) out of bed and get going. I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to sleep more. I laid there for a while just debating inwardly whether or not I actually wanted to get up on my morning to sleep in and RUN. At last, I decided to get up and get out.

My run was only 3 miles. I am learning that this time around, training is not nearly as hard as it was last time. Which is good! But I am still at the very beginning of my training and it is still hard. Another thing I learned training the first time is that I CAN DO HARD THINGS! That lesson was reiterated to me today as I was tired and really cold (again, thanks bi-polar Utah) but kept moving my feet. There is a dreadful hill I have to run up at the end of all my runs to get home and sometimes, as I blare my One Direction or Taylor Swift, I will repeat to myself, "I can do hard things!". It really helps + you know what friends? We CAN do hard things! They may be difficult but they are not impossible. Remember why you're doing what you're doing + if your intentions are good + true, you will succeed.

Then after my run I got to go on a little breakfast date with one of my dear friends, Emily! I had to miss a little birthday outing she scheduled for last night with some other friends because Thursday is our date night + Zach had a good one planned. But also, I rarely miss date night! It's my favorite activity with my favorite person! So Emily + I went to Provo Bakery for some sugary treats to chat over.
Another lesson I learned this past couple of weeks combined with our breakfast date this morning is that good friends stay your friends no matter what. Within these past couple weeks, I've had a couple experiences that I have truly struggled with! I struggle because I think I am just too much for people sometimes. I am too loud, too annoying, not there enough, whatever. It's hard for me because I try my hardest and I want everyone to be happy! Although I know I cannot make nor keep those around me happy, I still try. It's made me sad for years and years that sometimes friends fade away or decide to go. But I have learned that if you have a true friend, they will never go. I ran into one of my very best friends all growing up at Cafe Rio last Saturday. Jill is a friend you might not see for a while, years even, but she still loves you and takes genuine interest in your life. Jill, I LOVE YOU! Thank you for teaching me what a true friend is. I am grateful to have met so many true friends here in Provo + friends that have gone but have taught me important lessons.

Most of all, today I learned that no matter your struggles + how little you feel that Christ will always be there to show you that you are loved. I am grateful for this Easter season and for the meaning it brings. He is Risen!


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