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Tonight Zach and I had our weekly date night! Man, do I love date nights. It's always so fun going out with my love and eating yummy food together, especially if that means no cooking then cleaning up! My favorite part of the day (other than bedtime) is when I get a chance to see my man after our long days at school/work and talk about our days. It was good to do that with Z tonight on our date.

A couple weeks ago, when Zach's brother Chris was in town, the family went out to eat brunch at an old fashioned diner-style restaurant: Cafe 300. Z & I got breakfast meals while some of the others got lunch. Our verdict on our breakfast meals? YUM. Yum yum yum! The french toast was uhhhhmazing and my omelette was super fresh! Those who got lunch were also please with their choices, but if there was one thing we all couldn't get enough of were the onion rings. Best. Ever. Seriously, THE best I have ever had in my life! We loved 'em!

So tonight, we decided to go back to Cafe 300 and try their dinner menu. One thing I absolutely love about this place is the fact that most items on the dinner/lunch menu offer TWO sides and I mean obviously "two is better than one" amirite?? Though I was a little sad and longing for the scrumptious french toast, I got a burger (with their chipotle mayo) with a side of onion rings and enchilada soup (which came early and we ate it without snapping a pic).

Here are my ratings (out of 5):
Enchilada soup: 4; I am a sucker for enchilada anything. This soup had a very good flavor but wasn't the best I have ever had. However, the chicken was fresh and tender which I we were happy campers about!
Burger: 3; it was yummy but not something you could never get elsewhere, ya know? Still good.
Onion rings: 5; I would give them a ten but I don't want to be unfair! SO yummy. Like I said, best I've ever had!!

Zach got the club sandwich with his two sides as both onion rings... Hahaha. What can we say?! We LOVE those babies! Not pictured below from his meal is the whole other plate of onion rings.

Here are Zach's ratings:
Sandwich: 4; Zach said, "I thought it was a good sandwich." & apparently it's as simple as that.
Onion rings: 6; I asked him why he chose a 6. He said, "Because they are awesome. In fact, I'm gonna have one right now."

Tonight we even ran into some of my favorite people, Bailee and Taylor Morris! They are the coolest and I think they are the cutest most perfect couple ever. Check them out at their blog here! Overall, we have had good experiences at Cafe 300!I highly recommend the onion rings and especially the french toast. It's a fun environment and the workers are friendly. Add the good food to boot and you've got yourself a triple threat plus a couple of happy campers here with the White's! I mean, just look at that smile!


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