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My younger brother, Matt, is serving a 2 year mission in Argentina for our church and will have hit his 1 year-in-the-field mark this upcoming Thursday on February 12th. I have friends that will be returning home from their missions within the next few months and I truly cannot believe time has flown that fast, yet with my own brother I feel like it's been a decade! I miss him so much and wish I could just hang out with him right this very instant, but what he is doing now in his life is the very best thing he could possibly be doing. What a valiant example of love, service and missionary work he is to me! Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have one day out of their week, usually Mondays but for Matt it is Saturday, set aside especially for preparing for the week to come. Preparation day, A.K.A P-Day, is usually a busy day filled with grocery shopping, laundry, writing home and fun activities. I love Saturday's because I know I will get a letter from my favorite Elder! I thought I would share Elder Moser's letter from today here on the blog. Enjoy!

"Hola buenas tardes queridos! How is everybody doing? I hope well, for myself I am doing great; although I could do without the blistering heat of the Argentine summer! Another week has flown by and Elder Cardenas and I continue to work hard here in the office and as time permits in our area. I continue to learn my duties as the financial secretary so that when Elder Cardenas is transferred out of the office doesn't crash and burn. No pressure. We did various things such as pay rents for the pensions which includes withdrawing rather large portions of cash from the banco Frances and going to the other various banks and depositing perspective rents. We also did some work in the office safe and make a deposit of some 30,000 pesos that were kind of just lingering in the safe. I still have more to learn but we're working on it.

We had an awesome family night with Martin and his family this week with the sister missionaries. We had a wonderful lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and The Plan of Salvation, ate cookies and pizza and played this game after called "vacas y manchas". Long story short it's a game in which you have to say a certain phrase quickly without messing up, but if you do you get a mark on your face. We had a good time, it's been a blessing to see them progress so much and come back to church. We also had a great lesson with the Fabris family, another less active family that has returned to church. Now we are working with them to try to help Sister Fabris' parents come back to church. They live like right in front of their house so it is super convenient! We dropped in this last week and Sister Baliero just happened to be outside talking with them so we jumped on the opportunity! She was kind of cold with us at first, but softened up quickly as she got to know us and realize that we aren't so bad ha. We had a great spiritual thought and after we had a moment alone with her where she broke down and explained how she felt lost ever since her father passed away. We comforted her and explained about how the gospel solves any problem! I feel like we gained her trust and allowed her to feel the Spirit again. We'll see how she progresses!

I continue to progress in my study of the Book of Mormon, as I am now in Mosiah 7! I just finished King Benjamin's discourse, what an inspired man and incredible example for all of us! One of the highlights for me in his discourse is found in Mosiah 4:16-22 I invite you to read it and apply it! The Book of Mormon answers any question, and I know it is true. I am so grateful for it! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.

Elder Moser

Brother Hurtado
"Vacas y manchas"!
The Barrionuevo family
El Libro de Mormon!
Kings of the court"


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