two years ago (yesterday)

Two years ago (last month), I was a Y-group leader with my good friend Courtney at BYU's Freshman New Student Orientation. We showed up on the first day of training, signed our names on one of, seriously like, 40 lists and then walked into the Varsity theater in the Wilkinson Student Center. We sat down and not much later, a handsome guy walked down the aisle saying,"Group Green 14? Is anyone Green 14?" Courtney and I were indeed wearing green 14 bracelets from that one of like a million lines we wrote our names on. We told him we were and he came and sat down next to us. From the moment he sat down next to me, I got butterflies that after 1.5 years of marriage have never gone away. We introduced ourselves and got to chatting. His name was Zach, he was from Provo and had recently returned home from a mission for our church. I was instantly smitten with this man, which was not something that happened easily for me.

After a weekend of hanging out with a super cool group of new freshman + hardly any opportunity to sit by, talk to or further get to know Zach, I thought my chances were gone. Thanks to his ability to eat and the fact that he ate 2/3 of my Chik-fil-a french fries earlier in the weekend (and maybe he was a little guilty for that), we suckered him into coming to the soccer game with us that Saturday night. Though, through an unfortunate series of events (ask me in person sometime, it's great/mortifying) I was pretty sure my chances with Zach were all up. Someone was really looking out for me though because we had a great time at the game as well as after. When he dropped me off, I wasn't sure if he felt anything that I did so the next 24 hours or so was pretty much torture. Then, HE TEXTED ME! We got to chatting and when he realized I had never seen Star Wars, the date pretty much set itself up.

Which brings me to two years ago yesterday, Zach and I had our first date. He picked me up and (funny enough, we were wearing very similar outfits) we headed over to his (parent's) house to watch Star War's but along the way we stopped at a Latino Festival called Festival Latinoamericano! It was so fun. The date was perfect and I was already looking forward to the next one before the first was over. Now, we've got 2 years of dating and 1 year of marriage under our belts + we couldn't be happier.


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