a week in riverside

This past week, I went down to Riverside, CA to stay with my sis-in-law Anna + her boys while my bro-in-law Justin flew to London for a conference. I'm so grateful I married Zach because I then became a part of the most wonderful family, gained 9 siblings + 2 parents, AND 3 nieces, 4 nephews and another nephew on the way! It's the best.

I loved getting to spend time with the J+A White fam (minus the J for the week)! Even though they plan on moving out here to the great Utah Valley this summer, I already miss being with them. Thanks for letting me come and stay, Anna + Justin! Love you guys! Here are a few pics from my stay:
 ^^Pre-Mission Zachary photo on the White fam bulletin board haha! LOVE it! ^^
 ^^ Nathan in the Lego section of the Discovery Cube museum! ^^
 ^^ The Discovery Cube is SO cool! There are so many fun and interesting things there. I made my own water vortex and had to snap a picture because it was the coolest! ^^
 ^^ Grateful for technology and being able to FaceTime my man! ^^
 ^^ We went to the beach on Tuesday and it was just a bit chilly but mostly beautiful! What can I say, I'm a California girl! ^^
 ^^ Balboa Pier, such a beautiful day! ^^
^^ Oh ya know, just in our car driving across the water. WHAAAT! A selfie with my fav oldest sis-in-law Anna, love you! ^^


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