a week in seattle

After our stay in Ashland, we made our way up through Oregon and into Washington to finish our vacation in Sammamish with Zach's older sister, Emily, + her family. We had the best time with the Sparks' family and loved exploring Washington a bit.

On our way to Washington we stopped in Eugene so Zach could see Hayward field and we could walk around Oregon campus a little bit. It was so nice and beautiful!
 We also caught a quick glimpse at the Portland temple on the freeway! It was beautiful!
The rest of this post will mostly contain photos from our awesome stay in Washington! But I will say that it was amazing to be able to stay with the Sparks' and vacation in their neck of the woods for a bit. We loved the opportunity to play with our nieces and spend time with Bryan + Emily! Thanks Spark's fam, we love you!
^^We got nap time pretty much every day. It was so great. // Just a selfie with miss Isla May! ^^
 ^^ Zach and the sweet girls. He sure loves his nieces! ^^
^^ We decided to go to Biscuit Bitch for some breakfast and it was amazing! So good. ^^
 ^^ Bubblegum alley.. Kind of cool, kind of gross. // Zach givin' loves to sweet Imogen! ^^
 ^^ Zach and Isla cheesing is up as we strolled through Seattle. ^^

^^ Imi and her teddy bear boyfriend. She loves that bear! ^^

 ^^ Snoqualmie falls ^^
 ^^ Attempted selfie at Snoqualmie falls ha ^^
 ^^ Freemont troll! // Em and Imi swinging at the beach ^^
 ^^ Z + I at the beach ^^
 ^^ Sweet Isla picked me a pretty flower! ^^
^^ After a long, fun-filled week, Zach just couldn't take it anymore and crashed in the car. ^^


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