a happy list: 2

Zach and I are in the best ward ever, we love it and the friends we've made so much. One of our good friends, the Heylands, in the ward have the sweetest little girls, Even and Emmeline. Emmy comes to Sunday school and Relief Society with her mama and I love getting to spend time with both of them. Emmy is so sweet and has the most adorable baby laugh I've ever heard. She was really sleepy in R.S. on Sunday so I snagged this pic of her being all cute. Babies, especially Emmy, makes me so happy!
My Zachary is so sweet to me. I've been having a rough week being a little sick and other stuff but he always treats me so well, even when I'm sick/sad/tired/grumpy/etc. I wanted a good selfie on Sunday and, though we did get one, he doesn't always share my enthusiasm for taking pictures. So during our first couple of tries he kissed my cheek to hide his face. He also left me this message on our kitchen table after an intense game of Banana Gram. I love him so much. 
Also, baby Zach. Baby Zach makes me happy. (especially baby Batman Zach with pizza in his hand with a cheesy grin on his face)


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